DIY Canned Food Organizers

Fun Projects 5 days ago
With a family of 7 to feed, my canned food stash was going a bit crazy. I designed and built wood organizers that rotate the oldest dates out first. I also built 2 different sizes. This one will hold up to 12 cans... Woohoo! The others will hold up to 7 and are stackable. This is the best thing to happen to my pantry in a long time! Plus... They cost under $5 a piece to build! You can see the full set of easy plans with lots of photos and tips at


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  • Cdgreier
    This is far better than most organizing posts, IMHO, because you didn't just reduce the number of items in your pantry to make it prettier, you actually made way for MORE stuff attractively!
  • Tangiela Helem Mason
    Tangiela Helem Mason Fayetteville, GA
    Amazing and pretty.
  • Nana
    Nana Lakeside, AZ
    Love the idea
  • Priscilla M
    Priscilla M Babson Park, FL
    Would you know Who sells the dividers? Tia
  • Renee' Pollard Hass
    The feed is lost, can you tell me where to find the units or the directions you used to make them? Thank you!