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DIY Canned Food Organizers

With a family of 7 to feed, my canned food stash was going a bit crazy. I designed and built wood organizers that rotate the oldest dates out first. I also built 2 different sizes. This one will hold up to 12 cans... Woohoo! The others will hold up to 7 and are stackable. This is the best thing to happen to my pantry in a long time! Plus... They cost under $5 a piece to build! You can see the full set of easy plans with lots of photos and tips at http://www.shanty-2-chic.com/2012/10/pantry-...


To see more: http://www.shanty-2-chic.com/2012/10/pantry-ideas-diy-canned-food-storage.html

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  • Paula Long Hobart, IN
    I love this idea. I watch the codes on all food and make sure the oldest gets used first. This would make things so much easier and so much more organized.
  • Excellent!
  • Sharon B Green Bay, WI
    Wonderful, reminds me of my soda can holder I got at Bed Bath & Beyond. Great idea for a camper too. Thks.
  • Sondra A Janesville, WI
    I also have family of 7 and would have loved this! Such organization. So neat. My kids are all grown now and my now ex, didn't believe in stocking up. But I love it.
  • Linda Vancouver, WA
    This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! While I don't buy "canned" anything, this would be amazingly helpful to use for my home canned things from the garden!!!! I'm gonna do this!!!! Thanks SOOO much for sharing this amazingly awesome idea!!!!!
    • Linda I'd worry about the seals on home canned goods popping as the bottles are jarred when the front one is removed...
  • Very nice! Love that idea!
  • Beth Cole Byrne Pittsford, NY
  • Mary Alice M San Antonio, TX
    This is just plain awesome!
  • Victoria K Linwood, MI
    love this!!!!i want to make this!!!!
  • I love it! You realize that the US GOV says that if you have more than a weeks worth of food.. you should be considered a terrorist right?
  • Love this idea.
  • Laura Cherokee, IA
    awesome idea I have a pantry with old cupboards from my kitchen I would rather have this lol
  • What are the containers?
  • Susanne Northam Norene, TN
    I'm looking for ideas for storing jarred canned goods from the garden. Does anyone have a suggestion?