Tree Trunk Votive Holders

crafts 09.13.15
My husband had to cut down some damaged trees in our backyard so I asked him to save me some of the smaller trunks so that I could make rustic votive holders. This was a super simple project and I think it would make a great gift...I show the entire process on my blog linked below.


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  • Zzzz...
    Zzzz... Albert, OK
    LOL Brian. We were told pretty much the same thing about nail gun injuries (NGRIs). While working on framing in our front porch hubby sent me in the house to start dinner and
  • Terri J
    Terri J Annapolis, MD
    Lol too Brian, and that was the day's first laugh!

    Melissa, I came back home and had to take my wreath down. Thanks for the leaves. I am still searching for another piece of a

  • Melissa-TheHappierHomemaker
    Terri J I just took my wreath down too, trying to figure out what to put in its place!
  • Kimberly Jensen-Boseke
    cute idea 🇺🇸
  • Vanessa Wood
    Vanessa Wood Spring Valley, CA
    We drilled out avocado branches to make what I call "branch plants" & had them as wedding favors at my son's wedding. We also made some candles with some of the more interesting branches (and for the people who can't keep plants alive). They do make