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Tree Trunk Votive Holders

My husband had to cut down some damaged trees in our backyard so I asked him to save me some of the smaller trunks so that I could make rustic votive holders. This was a super simple project and I think it would make a great gift...I show the entire process on my blog linked below.


To see more: http://www.thehappierhomemaker.com/2012/10/tree-trunk-candle-holders.html

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  • Thanks Susan S I need a better drill-it was actually a crazy pain to drill these with my cordless drill. My stepbrother's fiance now wants these for her wedding centerpieces next year so I
  • Susan S Fredericksburg, VA
    Melissa - he used a 1 1/2" paddle drill bit which as you probably know, will make a nice deep depression so your tea light will sit flush w/the top of the wood. A couple of the holes on mine need to be just a tiny bit wider so the LED lights will slip in
  • Terri J York, PA
    I got one log from the neighbor's stack that seems to be around the right sizeThe rest of his logs were to big!!! Off to find another souce!
  • Becky Blair, NE
    I've had some logs in the basement for a year now, but have yet to cut them down to get under the drill press to make the holes for the FAKE tea lights. I tried to cut them with one of our chop saws, but it kicked back on me. Big time. So please anyone
  • I recently had my saw kick back on me for the first time too Becky and it scared me to death! It was on a regular piece of wood though, not a log.
  • Becky Blair, NE
    Isn't it though Melissa? I thought I was in for it when that happened. Boy did I thank the Lord nothing worse than a good scare happened to me. I'm guessing that's all that happened to you too?
  • This comment starts off sounding daffy, but bare with me... Years ago, when bagels were becoming widely popular in the US and they were not yet pre-sliced... ER rooms were frequently visited by people in bathrobes on weekend mornings, with sliced
  • too funny Brian Campbell, Basswood Artisan Carpentry ! Becky i didn't get hurt, just scared...I'm not the most coordinated of people in the first place so I always get nervous with power tools!
  • Becky Blair, NE
    LOL Brian. We were told pretty much the same thing about nail gun injuries (NGRIs). While working on framing in our front porch hubby sent me in the house to start dinner and didn't wait
  • Terri J York, PA
    Lol too Brian, and that was the day's first laugh!

    Melissa, I came back home and had to take my wreath down. Thanks for the leaves. I am still searching for another piece of a

  • Terri J I just took my wreath down too, trying to figure out what to put in its place!
  • cute idea 🇺🇸
  • Vanessa Wood Spring Valley, CA
    We drilled out avocado branches to make what I call "branch plants" & had them as wedding favors at my son's wedding. We also made some candles with some of the more interesting branches (and for the people who can't keep plants alive). They do make