Washing Windows Like The Pros

Craft Ideas 7 days ago
I cannot take credit for this discovery; however I can tell you that it works! In my opinion this is the best way for washing windows. A cleaning company shared this tip with me four years ago, I was using glass cleaner, vinegar and newspapers. Nothing I did completely cleaned the window. This is the only thing I use now.

Items Needed for Washing Windows

(All items except the Dawn were purchased at Dollar Tree)

Dawn Dish Detergent

Small Bowl or Bucket

Scrubby Pads

Absorbent Cloths


  • Materials
  • Scrubbing the Window
  • Squeegee the window
  • Wiping the edges
  • One clean window pane, several more to go. http://chaoticallycreative.com/2012/03/16/washingwindowslikeapro1/
  • Melissa Gutilla
    Melissa Gutilla Stephens City, VA
    Wonder if this will work on the residue left by my dogs! I have 3 dogs and they make the living room window a terror to clean! I literally will scrub and scrub with windex and part of it is still there! I will try it tomorrow and get back with you guys
    • John
      John Mission Viejo, CA
      Chaotically Creative Co. It works great. A little more elbow grease and just a touch longer and it's clean. I always start at the top and work down. This time I covered
  • Sherrie S
    Sherrie S Debary, FL
    I have two very large dogs who both like to kiss windows and I have a lot of windows that go right down to the floor. They try to get to all of them everyday so I have a real job keeping windows looking nice. I have been using vinegar & water. I know how
  • Julie Collier
    Julie Collier Paw Paw, MI
    I have used Dawn for as long as I can remember. This is the first I have heard of washing windows. Will be giving it a try.

    I have found in recent weeks, along with peroxide on my grandson's WHITE ( of all things for an 11 year old ) base ball

  • Lindafalkoski
    i'd like to know the secret for getting the calcium deposits off my sun porch windows.
    • Sarah Swan Feldt
      I've been able to get the deposits off my shower and plastic shower curtain. Take 1 cup vinegar and 1 tbsp cornstarch and heat on your stove until thick. Let cool and then add 2 Tbsp dawn. I spray it on and let it sit until it's dry or overnight. I then
  • Ellen
    ellen Canada
    For some time now I've been using the Micro fibre cloth made especially for glass. Very hot water. Simply wring out cloth and wipe the windows or mirrors. No soap, no vinegar, no nothing but very hot water and the cloth. Streak free windows. I keep a
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