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Washing Windows Like The Pros

I cannot take credit for this discovery; however I can tell you that it works! In my opinion this is the best way for washing windows. A cleaning company shared this tip with me four years ago, I was using glass cleaner, vinegar and newspapers. Nothing I did completely cleaned the window. This is the only thing I use now.

Items Needed for Washing Windows

(All items except the Dawn were purchased at Dollar Tree)

Dawn Dish Detergent

Small Bowl or Bucket

Scrubby Pads

Absorbent Cloths


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  • Melinda Nelson
    Melinda Nelson Decatur, MS
    I wonder if it will work inside the car window!
  • Linda Hayes-Trent
    Linda Hayes-Trent Andalusia, AL
    Dawn is good for so many things. I didn't see a step for rinsing the window...
  • Helen
    Helen Tacoma, WA
    I use Eye Glass Cleaner on my mirrors and wipe with soft cotton towel, no streaks.
  • Mildred DeVore
    vinegar and newspapers, work great
  • Julie J
    Julie J Massillon, OH
    White coffee filters and vinegar/water works everytime. No ink marks from the newspaper.
  • Sherrie
    Sherrie Nixa, MO
    On new Pella Windows and some others you can only use vinegar and water. Any thing else will leave a build up. Any other windows I use a drop of dish soap and a really good squeegee they carry them at Lowe's for about $8.00. Fast work I drape a towel
  • From My Cherry Heart
    When I had my studio I had huge store front windows and tried everything to get rid of the streaks left from windex. One day a customer told me about this recipe so I just mixed a few squirts of dawn dish soap in a bucket with warm water, wiped the soapy
  • Linda Hayes-Trent
    Linda Hayes-Trent Andalusia, AL
    Thank you. My windows need cleaning and I'm going to use this solution.
  • Nancy Bolton
    Nancy Bolton Burlington, NC
    I just tried this on a very dirty window and it looked great.I used very warm water,maybe a bit too much dawn.How much do you use?
  • John
    John Mission Viejo, CA
    I just did my windows, some outside upstairs windows have not been done for over 2 1/2 years. the downstairs windows were just put in two months ago and were kept clean. I have a wood French door also that is over twenty five years old and has been
    • John
      John Mission Viejo, CA
      I also have a new Kholer chocolate color sink that keeps a slight foggy cover on it after use. Dawn took care of it for over a week. I replace my other dishwashing soap in my sink dispenser and the sink and all the dishes stay clean. This as my wife says
  • Elizabeth Sagarminaga
    Elizabeth Sagarminaga Mission Viejo, CA
    Wow,very nice tips and I do wish that all the tips mentioned in the post prove tobe useful for washing my windows as well. I have till now used fresh newspapersto clean my windows and they work great.
  • Melissa Gutilla
    Melissa Gutilla Stephens City, VA
    Wonder if this will work on the residue left by my dogs! I have 3 dogs and they make the living room window a terror to clean! I literally will scrub and scrub with windex and part of it is still there! I will try it tomorrow and get back with you guys
    • Chaotically Creative Co.
      Chaotically Creative Co. Murfreesboro, TN
      Melissa Gutilla Yes please let us know. I had two huge German Shepherds and it worked on our windows
    • John
      John Mission Viejo, CA
      Chaotically Creative Co. It works great. A little more elbow grease and just a touch longer and it's clean. I always start at the top and work down. This time I covered
  • Sherrie S
    Sherrie S Debary, FL
    I have two very large dogs who both like to kiss windows and I have a lot of windows that go right down to the floor. They try to get to all of them everyday so I have a real job keeping windows looking nice. I have been using vinegar & water. I know how
  • Julie Collier
    Julie Collier Paw Paw, MI
    I have used Dawn for as long as I can remember. This is the first I have heard of washing windows. Will be giving it a try.

    I have found in recent weeks, along with peroxide on my grandson's WHITE ( of all things for an 11 year old ) base ball

  • Lindafalkoski
    i'd like to know the secret for getting the calcium deposits off my sun porch windows.
Chaotically Creative Co.

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