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Framed Fabric Shoe Organizer

It's a New Year and that means it's time to get organized, right? Well, our master closet was a sad state of affairs. After purging out all the 'unnecessary' stuff, we were left with a blank wall. We were determined to maximize the use of space in our tiny walk-in.
Time: 1 Hours Cost: $10 Difficulty: Easy
  • framed fabric shoe organizer, organizing, reupholster
Using some cotton fabric, basic wood trim from the hardware store, staples and a nail gun, we created a large scale 'frame'. Measure and hang the fabric first with a few of the staples, then position the trim afterwards to make sure it's all straight. Dan helped me mitre the corners. We just used super basic MDF trim.
  • framed fabric shoe organizer, organizing, reupholster
Then cut a few slits in the fabric where you want your hanging hardware to go. We used these small hooks for dowels and a few picture hangers as well. Just make sure you measure your shoes first :)
  • framed fabric shoe organizer, organizing, reupholster
These dowels were hung approximately 10" apart. Use the other hooks to hang accessories! I also added a gold gilded mirror.
  • framed fabric shoe organizer, closet, organizing, storage ideas
Et voila! For more details on this project click through to our blog... AND then check out the updates we've made in the last year :) Shortly after this organizing project, we doubled the size of this closet...and added in more space for shoes ;) Happy Organizing HTers xoxo

To see more: http://www.diypassion.com/2015/01/05/diy-framed-fabric-shoe-organizer/

  • Felice Birdsall
    Felice Birdsall Garden City, NY

    make sure the necklaces aren't strung with silk thread. They will stretch hanging them as pictured. Very nicely organized, good job.

  • Elizabeth @ Creating Rustic Charm

    Wow and Wow....this is a fabulous idea! I was just dozing off and this project woke me right up! I love this!

  • Mary Howard
    Mary Howard Chicago, IL

    I like your updating. Surely you have more shoes than is being shown~~~~LOL It is a great creation.

  • Donna
    Donna Rocky Point, NY

    If you would like to be able to hang sooo much more on your rack. Switch the hangers to the new style velvet skinny hangers. you will be amazed at how much more you can hang or how much more space you will have with the clothes you have now. You can

    • Kzalomski

      I did that with HSN's Joy velvet hangers. Doubled my closet space. Those hangers are always on sale.

  • Avis
    Avis Brooklyn, NY

    Avis Brooklyn, NY
    I bought a picture frame at a thrift shop and didn't have to make the frame.

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