Organize your kitchen on a door!

Kitchen Ideas 7 days ago
If you have a tiny kitchen... I'm here to help! Grab a $5 shutter door from you local Habitat Re-Store, give it a coat or paint, and add over the door hooks and 3M hooks to organize anything from bag clips, take out menus, strainers, BBQ tools, knives, lunch boxes, kitchen towels! #recycle See more deets about my door organizer here: http://www.creatingreallyawesomefreethings.c...

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  • Cheryl @ Artzzle
    Cheryl @ Artzzle Princeton, MN
    This is sooooooo cool. GREAT for renters. Shared it on fb. Love your website too!
  • Reta Minnis
    Reta Minnis Meadville, MO
    Gave me a good idea. I have a plastic shelving unit I am using for an island. I cut an old piece of press wood for the top and bought a nice looking vinyl kitchen floor mat to cover it. Now I am going to buy an old door and cut it down for the top and
  • Valerie
    Valerie South Africa
    Love this idea!
  • Ruth12345
    Ruth12345 Dickson, TN
    Thats neat!<3
  • Barbara Ahern
    Barbara Ahern Milano, TX
    I wan to do this for my pots and pans!!
  • Patti
    Patti Los Angeles, CA
    I was using mine as a cover for our water heater. This is genius! Will start working on it as soon as I finish typing. Thanks for sharing!
  • Debra W
    Debra W Clarkston, GA
    If I could find a smaller version, I am goint to use it for jewelry in my bedroom. Great idea!
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