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  • Diane Arnold Klamath Falls, OR
    My cabinets were really bad in the fixer-upper we bought. I painted them white and bought an inexpensive black sheet of formica and made my own countertop for under $50.
  • KAT Alberton, MT
    Fantastic... It's amazing how creative we can get when on a tight budget... Your efforts really paid off!
  • Debbie Sealy Knight Jeffersonville, IN
    Good for you! Looks awesome.
  • Mary McNamara Johnstown, PA
    They look good and when you do things like this ,they mean sooo much more !

    Great Job !

  • Sandi Maurer New Philadelphia, OH
    amazing job it looks wonderful !!!
  • I have a tiles counter top in my kitchen and I hate it. Mine is small 2" tiles though so there is lots of grout where food and juices get trapped and with all the grout the counter top looks too "busy" and it's hard to keep clean. I've been debating
  • Kim Republic, MI
    I have that kitchen sink! Don't you just love it?!
  • I bought stainless steel tables from the bingo center and had them cut to size, the front is already bull nosed so they slid right in and glued them down with mastic. Stainless kitchen $220
  • Mary C Reddick, FL
    great job....love it....you kept the plywood hidden, then set those big ole slabs of real wood on top, gave it a great paint job, and it looks awesome....looks like something off of a showcase floor....yes, it does show how creative we can become when we
  • Your new kitchen looks great. I would like more information on how your husband made the wooden countertop. How about some more closeups of the wooden countertop?
  • Very nice!
  • Sharril Swindle Reamstown, PA
    yes , would love to hear more on the details of doing it and more pics, my daughter wants to redo their kitchen and just cant afford it ,(new baby on the way) this would really help!! thank you so much for sharing!!!!
  • Paige Walker Alvin, TX
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  • Dee New Castle, PA
    We just replaced our counter and cabinets, and found butcher block at Ikea. Of course, the price was higher than your $71 investment, but still an excellent price-$99 for 72", and $195 for the peninsula piece (72" x 39"), with enough left over to make
  • L.E. & Company Creal Springs, IL
    ..... Did I miss the How to exact steps, wood, paint technique, top coat etc?.... Thanks for your reply..... (: