90 year old door made into a headboard to fit both a king size and queen size bed frame.

4 days ago
The Decorator we worked with asked us to make the headboard to fit both a king size and a queen size bed, After cleaning and sealing the front of the door we painted the other trim details using a color still visible from one of the original paints on the door.
  • This headboard's new home. The Decorator did a wonderful job with this color palette. It looks so comfy!
  • Designed to fit both a king size and a queen size bed.
  • We color-matched one of the remaining colors on the from then painted the added trim, legs and shelf. Both the Customer and our Team were very happy with the results.
  • Ready for Customer pickup.
  • This is one of the few pics of me when I'm not covered in sawdust.
  • ROSESI6365
    ROSESI6365 Brooklyn, NY
    I wish I could make this, but I know not going to happen how can someone help me accomplish this unbelievable mission ? :?
    • Michelle George-Dempsey
      Vintage Headboards I think this is one of my MOST FAVOURITE HEADBOARDS i HAVE EVER SEEN!! WELL DONE!! i have had this vision for my bedroom for the last couple of years! I
  • Gail Jones Zourdos
    Gail Jones Zourdos Caledonia, MI
    Love this! I've waited 10 years to find just the right headboard and this is it! Thank you for sharing. I have an old door and am ready to go with it, but I discovered it is painted with lead paint. I see you sealed your 90 year old door. I'm
  • Susana
    Susana Sarcoxie, MO
    The headboard was very beautiful. Love the wall as well do you know what color it is?
  • Laura
    Laura Brockport, NY
    I love the headboard, but I am very interested in the nightstand, where is it from?
  • Louise Adkins
    Louise Adkins Loganville, GA
    Love the headboard. I've been looking for a door just like that but no luck.
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