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  • Good morning Elaine Simmons was your sister's piano project similar to this project we did? http://www.hometalk.com/1732796/piano-headbo...
  • Janet Arntz Harbor Beach, MI
    love it. love what can be used out of the most awesome wood of the past. keep it us and make other items.
  • I have a few more newbies that I haven't done before that I am working on right now. I will always have the bread and butter items but its fun to mix in some surprises every once and a while. http://vintageheadboards.storenvy.com/
  • BTW - thank you Janet Arntz
  • Jane Byron, GA
    Love this--would like more details on how you attached to posts on sides of door. I have an old door and was also wondering what you used to seal it with.
  • Good afternoon Jane - we add a side skirt so that there is more of a shelf on top when we wrap the crown molding. The legs are typically attached with nails, screws and construction adhesive. We never want them to fall apart. There are a number of
  • We use a combination of nails, glue and screws. It's overkill but we want to take every step possible to make sure our headboards are solid.
  • HOLY PINS!!! 207K!!! I mean I can see why...this headboard is stunning. That is unbelieveable!
  • I am getting ready to redo a 1915 door with the original mirror on it. Since what paint is still on there probably has lead paint on it, do I need to remove all of it or can I paint over it?
  • Unfortunately there has been a scare put in the minds of people from years ago about lead paint. When we make headboards we use respirators and work outside as the airborne particulates are a greater risk to you ingesting it. We never advertise that our
  • Suzanne Gautreaux Lockport, LA
    How did you attach the 4x4 posts to the door? would love to copy it, but am perplexed how to add the 4x4 posts. Help, please??
  • Good morning Suzanne - we have step by step plans we sell on our website. It will be extremely helpful for you and save you a bunch of time. www.vintageheadboards.storenvy.com
  • Janice Houston, TX
    I wish I had a pic, but mine is wrapped up in storage. I bought an antique fireplace mantle, stained a piece of bead board to attach to the open area and it fit a twin size frame perfectly. I was careful not to damage the mantle in case I ever wanted to
  • Suzanne Gautreaux Lockport, LA
    Thanks so much for the info.... will purchase the instructions..
  • Michele A Eugene, OR
    It turned out so amazing! I love that you sealed it first. I often wonder if everyone does. Love a great chippy patina, but I don't want it all over my bedding. ;) Thanks for sharing your amazing work!