No More Dryer Sheets!

Cleaning Ideas 01.08.16
  • Abi Zimmerman
    Abi Zimmerman Crete, IL
    I've been using my dryer balls for about 8 months now and haven't had any problems with the colors bleeding. Mine are black, grey, and white. Also, I use at least 5 per load otherwise I don't feel like it helps things dry faster. Here's a link if anyone
  • Dannie
    Dannie Waco, TX
    My mom used tennis balls and they worked great!
  • Colleen
    Colleen Fargo, ND
    Great Idea of making your own dryer balls. I've been using the purchased ball for 3 years with a little problem with static cling. In the past I did try tennis balls but they didn't cut my drying time down as much as the purchased balls. Like many , I
  • Carol Jordan
    Carol Jordan Freeland, MD
    I agree w/Dannie, tennis balls work well.
  • Lisa Davis
    Lisa Davis Guthrie, OK
    you can also use balls of tin foil in your dryer. I use two or three at a time and they work. They get rid of static electricity as well.
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