Vintage Buffet, Chalk Paint, Chalk Paint Furniture

shell 03.22.15
Living on the Bliss repurposes vintage finds. We brought this vintage buffet back to life with chalk paint. We distressed it and waxed it with clear wax.

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  • Christy @ Our Southern Home
    It turned out beautifully!
  • Laura from House Of Joyful Noise Blog
    That is nothing short of GORGEOUS!!
  • Cindy M
    Cindy M Pinehurst, NC
    Thank you so much. We sold this piece, it went in a beautiful home in Pinehurst, NC.
  • Cindy M
    Cindy M Pinehurst, NC
    Thank you for your lovely comments, they are taken with arms wide open!
  • Sherry R
    Sherry R Lubbock, TX
    Absolutely amazing piece-Love it !!
  • Angie W
    Angie W Columbus, OH
    This isn't my taste but you did an absolutely gorgeous job on it.....Beautiful....
  • Ira Essick
    Ira Essick Hollywood, FL
    MARY CHRISTINA Germantown, MD
    What a beautiful piece of furniture! The next time, instead of Chalk paint, use Milk paint, then sand it and the paint will chip off and give it a more natural aged look instead of looking like a leopard, there will be wonderful chippy paint all over.
    • Terra Gazelle
      Terra Gazelle Springfield, LA
      MARY CHRISTINA Not every one likes that chippy paint look. I don't. I like distressed without the piece looking like its spent 6 months in a land fill.
  • Donna
    Donna Platte, SD
    Certainly an eye catcher. I like it!
  • Carol Williams
    Carol Williams Bloomfield, IN
    Wow.. looks awesome!! Thanks for sharing!
  • Rae
    Rae Buffalo, NY
    imhaving trouble finding chalk paint. where do i find it
    • GG Stagner
      GG Stagner Fort Myers, FL
      Make it with plaster of Paris...SOOO easy! Just google chalk paint homemade...
  • Amy
    Amy Hampton, VA
    Love it
Cindy M