• Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY
    I think i would recognize your pieces anywhere. You have quite the signature style, my friend! Love :)
  • YouAreTalkingTooMuch.com
    You make rustic, beautiful! Love!
  • BeachBumLivin
    BeachBumLivin Sarasota, FL
    Your table looks sooooo AWESOME!!
  • Kathy @ Petticoat Junktion
    I soooo love your stuff Donna. Your junk stash looks like mine. garden faucet heads, rulers, rusty metal, bingo cards. You go girl!
  • Marga
    Marga Netherlands
    Love it! My hubbie brought me home a pallet this week.....now i have to see how i'm gonna do it, i'm not that handy LOL
  • Patty S
    Patty S Sturgeon Bay, WI
    I love it. Great repurposing.
  • Sherry R
    Sherry R Bedford, TX
    perfection...love love love it!!
  • Becky
    Becky Blair, NE
    I so love your funky junk Donna! You have such a creative spirit!
  • FunkyJunk Interiors - Donna
    Thanks everyone! Sure wish my house would stay as clean as the pictures show though... what's up with that?! haha
  • Diane H
    Diane H Cumming, GA
    Great job and I may try this one myself.
  • Peggy B
    Peggy B Houston, TX
    very creative and good job and very cost effective and recycling...in future if desired, you could paint it, but it is just fine the way it is...thank you for ideal
  • Katie
    Katie Canada
    Another amazing piece! You rock!!
  • MoW
    MoW United Kingdom
    Love your style and handy work, great inspiration. Bit scared to comment in case I violate Hometalk's guidelines...confused much!!!
  • Juju (Journeys With Juju)
    Hubs and I began a Pallet Console Table tonight. The pallet was not a full pallet, like most, so when he brought it home for me, I knew right away it was the perfect length and width for a table to go behind one of our love seats. Cost: FREE because not
  • Anne Charriere
    Love it, Donna!


FunkyJunk Interiors - Donna