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A Junk Styled Pallet Wood Coffee Table ANYONE Can Make

I couldn't help myself. I found yet another pallet with rockin' awesome wood and had to go and make another piece of furniture. My new coffee table was so easy to make, non builders (like myself) will have no issue with this one.
This little junk styled coffee table is the perfect fit for our living room.
This pallet had straight nails so it was a breeze to take apart with a hammer and crowbar. The wood then received a good sanding and dry fit after the pieces were cut.
The entire build was mounted with screws, starting with predrilled holes. Trust me when I say, predrilling holes is the answer to an effortless build.
And now for the fun part! Gotta junk it up.
Support beams never looked so... junky. :)
Pallet wood has never been so productive. :)

To see more: http://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/2012/10/my-new-junk-styled-pallet-wood-coffee.html

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