Wine bottle fountain

Decor Ideas 05.11.15
I think I'm seriously going to try to make one of these. I mean- I'm going to make one of these.
  • Pat Collier
    Pat Collier Hendersonville, TN
    the picture came from this site, but does not have instructions.
  • Linda
    Linda Cal Nev Ari, NV
    I love this!!! I see one in my future!
  • Donita
    Donita Twentynine Palms, CA

    does any know how to make this bottle fountain???

  • Etta Whatley
    Etta Whatley Columbus, GA
    Add to this post...nice
  • Lisa
    Lisa Trenton, SC
    i saw this several years ago, attempted however, you need to have a strong enough pump to supply three lines and get a good water flow. just a FYI
  • Jessica C
    Jessica C Madison, WI
    The colorful bottles really make this work! I guess I have to start collecting!
  • Sharon Crosby
    Sharon Crosby Cedar City, UT
    Okay, I think it would be funny to do a redneck version with beer bottles. Or maybe one with vintage soda bottles would be fun (or new soda bottles too).
  • Docarocha
    Docarocha Schertz, TX
    I built it. $17 barrel @ Costco; $3 for the steel from Metal Mart; $2 for the wine bottle rack at the flea market, $3.50 Lave rocks at Wal-mart; $12 pump @ Harbor freight; $7 for tubing @ lowes. $0 for Scrap mesh screening. Getting to use my air
    • Freda
      Freda Richmond, OH
      Could you give better directions on how to do
      JENNIE STORCH Tarpon Springs, FL
      Docarocha Yes, could you please post directions. Thank you in advance.
  • Donita
    Donita Twentynine Palms, CA
    Please do a video. I love this!!!
    VALERIE Southfield, MI
    Lisa, how strong of a pump?
  • Hiline Builders Inc.
    Hiline Builders Inc. Fair Oaks, CA
    Valerie- 5 gal per minute
  • Maria Maxey
    Maria Maxey Davenport, FL
    fantastic idea.Love this awesome.I have lots of problems with cutting my glass bottles.At a point all my bottles sherred and crack up .What kind of drill bit should I being using?
  • Docarocha
    Docarocha Schertz, TX
    Its pretty simple. I did have to weld a base for the wine rack. two aprox 76 degree down rods to a square base (all of 1/2" tube stock) and drill a hole in each bottle with a diamond glass cutter bit.
  • Lharvell1
    This is going on my projects to try list!
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