Scrap and Pallet Wood Wall in Our Art & Craft Room

Scrap Wood Reuse 04.24.15
A focal wall with built in shelves in our bonus room now turned into an art & craft studio for my children and I to be creative in. The wall was made with all my scraps of wood and a few pallet boards.

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  • Jeanine Wester
    Jeanine Wester Peoria, IL
    love it!
  • The Design Confidential
    The Design Confidential El Dorado Hills, CA
  • Abigail L
    Abigail L Mullin, TX
    I absolutely love this, so original , just love it.
  • Jan O
    Jan O Clancy, MT
    I love ! Great idea!
  • David B
    David B Burlington, NC
  • Eco-Strip
    Eco-Strip Reston, VA
    Make sure you put clear varnish of polyurethane over those old, painted boards. You don't want the toxic lead paint to chip off and poison anyone using the room or anyone tracking those chips to other rooms.
  • Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl
    Eco-Strip All the painted boards were painted by me ;-). No lead paint here. And if there was a chance I would have tested for lead paint and/or not used them. Thanks and you are right to mention the risk.
  • John R
    John R Malvern, PA
    I've been looking for wood to do a project like this in my garage. Any ideas where to look? Great idea!
  • Tracey Stokes-Stagg
    Love the pops of color in your wood wall...plan on trying in 2013!
  • Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl
    John R These were all just scraps from my workshop and a few pallet boards. Maybe check with a woodworker or the scraps at Lowe's or Home Depot
  • John R
    John R Malvern, PA
    Thanks Brittany. I have a 12X30 room on the 2nd floor of my garage that I am trying to figure out what to do with the walls.
  • Vintage Headboards
    I did something similar in my son's room.
  • Brenda Specketer
    Brenda Specketer Conyers, GA
    I like this idea!
  • Rose White
    Rose White Canada
    Very cool! Like the painted boards and lettering. Very inspiring.
  • Robin
    Robin Ada, MI
    I'm in LOVE with this!! Will you come help me do my art studio wall like this?!! ;)
Brittany aka Pretty Handy Girl