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  • Rebecca E. Parsons Fernandina Beach, FL
    OMG Brittany...this is just what I need to do. I have the tiniest kitchen ever that is so sad looking. I am so doing this. I love you!!!
  • Doneva Fellows Bonanza, OR
    very cute--possibilities endless and can easily be changed out not only for seasons but holidays.
  • Sandy D Summerville, SC
    how do you patch the holes the brackets left? I'd have to move canned goods because they aren't pretty! great idea when you can't afford new. Mine are vanished, makes it harder
  • Sandy D Summerville, SC
    ps what is a foam board?
  • Sandy D I used wood putty to patch the holes, lightly sanded and painted the cabinets. And foam board, foam core, it's the white boards sold almost anywhere. Two sheets of paper laminated over a styrofoam center.
  • Robin Taylor Cocoa, FL
    Love it! And I love that you used the red. Its my fave color & really pops against the white.
  • it has class
  • Donna Jean O Port Saint Lucie, FL
    I love it!
  • Yvonne F Pontotoc, MS
    Next year, they will be putting the doors back on....Getting tired of the busyness of the colors!!!!
  • Brenda M Pittsburgh, PA
    I think it looks beautiful! I love the fabric that you used!
  • Tracy K Burton, MI
    Not sure if I like that look...only shows everything in your cupboards...don't think it's my style!
  • Yvonne F I had to snicker at your comment because actually we had to gut our kitchen because of a water leak. But, I loved the open cabinet so much that I'm installing open shelves in its
  • Sylvia Smothers Lawing Kannapolis, NC
    I love it. I started out with dark cabinets. Two years ago I painted them antique white. Now, I already have the paint to do my kitchen lemon yellow. I plan to take off my cabinet doors also. Lots of new kitchens feature open cabinets as well as added
  • Nance Freeman Canyon, TX
    Don't you worry about grease and splatters getting on the dishes in the open cabinets?
  • Sylvia Smothers Lawing Kannapolis, NC
    No- I don't think that will be a problem. I use lids to prevent splatters.