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  • Mema
    Mema Fremont, NC
    Any tips on making these trees?
  • Lorrie B
    Lorrie B Beaver Falls, PA
    I'm posting a list of materials and some basic steps, hope to have it done and posted by tonight...until then do you have any specific questions?
  • Kathie taylor
    Kathie taylor Largo, FL
    these are waaaay cool!!!!
  • Penny's Vintage Home
    I love these, thanks for the inspiration!
  • Jill Rogaski Periconi
    Love this
  • Lorrie B
    Lorrie B Beaver Falls, PA
    Thanks Jill!
  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    LOL! You can't trust any Hometalker! They will grab any old thing and make something out of it! Soooooo cute!
Lorrie B

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