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6 Simple Tips On Finding Free Pallets and Reclaimed Materials

Pallets and reclaimed wood make up the majority of our materials when creating our DIY projects.
More often than not – the one question we get hit with is: "Where do you guys find this stuff for free!?"
Here are six tips and hints that have worked best for us – including specific details on the best places to look for those elusive materials to recycle into your next project:
1. Think Small
The smaller the business – the easier it will be to get quality materials to make your craft or project. Large businesses tend to have processes already in place to handle their waste materials. On top of that, for safety and time saving reasons – they are not fond of letting people in to take one or two pieces of scrap material. So think small business. They usually don't have the resources or volume to unload scrap and spare materials to big haulers – so more often than not, it ends up in their dumpster.
2. Learn The Art of Asking
Always, always always ask! Just because there are some

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  • Anna Lee
    Anna Lee Topsham, ME

    Thank you

  • Connie
    Connie Butner, NC

    We use as much reclaimed wood as we can get. Local saw mills have tons of discarded wood. Many will let you have

    TRICIA of RIVERSIDE,ca Riverside, CA

    @Oldworld garden farmsWhat charming outdoor ideas! Thanks for those! Im really wanting to make a PALLET PATIO FLOOR. We have weeds dirt in back yard so this kinda would be good for a starter then a Garden!

  • Phil
    Phil Milwaukee, WI

    check out local cabinet makers. you'll be suprised what you find in the dumpsters and what they consider scrap

  • Kiyel williams
    Kiyel williams Normal, IL

    I used to build furniture in high school and I really love the look of reclaimed timber. I want to build some furniture, but I have been having trouble finding wood to use. I really like your tip about just coming out and asking. I have been really