A collection becomes a display {how to make a jewelry/brooch wreath}

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Wouldn't this be cute with Christmas pins? Collecting takes a while but the result is a beautiful display. Using a styrofoam wreath, thrifted brooches, earrings, pendants, etc. my daughter and put together jewelry wreaths (a fun spin off of brooch bouquets) for a sparkly fun display. Attach using straight pins or hot glue. Materials include: pins, brooches, earrings, buttons, costume jewelry.
Difficulty: Easy
We prepared the styrofoam wreath by using DecoArt's Magikote. This creates a sturdier base.
  • Finished jewelry wreath.
We used straight pins to secure jewelry pieces. I also like that I can snag a brooch since they aren't glued down (but hot glue is also an option).

To see more: http://diyshowoff.com/2011/06/26/brooch-wreath-tutorialdiy-project-parade/

  • Bernice H
    Bernice H New York, NY
    Whoa!!!! What a find! Go wild kiddo! You will have to pull it out and show us the pieces!!!

    off to Spokane for the weekend, maybe I will get to their Goodwill, much better than ours,

  • Shelley Saffold
    Shelley Saffold Palmetto, FL
    I want to make one!!!!!
  • Carmela Taglialavore
    Carmela Taglialavore Manchester Township, NJ
    nice! I think I will make one too
  • Betty Sides
    Betty Sides Lewisville, TX
    So precious! My Mother passed Feb. 1, 2015 and she had a lot of costume jewelry as well as some really nice things. I think I could make one of those for my bedroom and think of her everytime I see it! Thank you for sharing, I truly appeciate it! God
  • Cyndi Neumann
    Cyndi Neumann Warne, NC
    Awesome Idea! I should try this just to see all the jewelry I have stored away!
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