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Backyard Bliss

Yard/landscape on Mar 2, 2016
A look at a project we really wanted to do, planned for, and almost failed completely at doing. It was worth the wait and elbow grease!

To see more: http://www.thehandmadehome.net/2012/11/back-yard-bliss/

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  • Tonya Diehl
    Tonya Diehl Murphysboro, IL

    Your backyard looks amazing! I love your new pergola!

  • JoAnn Reeves
    JoAnn Reeves Anderson, SC

    good job... Now you are welcome to come and transform my yard!! (lol)

  • Jan M
    Jan M Houghton, MI

    Wow! I love this!!!

  • Dale Blank
    Dale Blank Burlington, WI

    This is exactly what I would like, now if I could get someone to come and do it for me!

  • Krsy
    Krsy Fort Myers, FL

    Lovely, are you planning on covering the Pergola with anything?