Winter Wispy Wreath

Outside 05.17.15
This is my winter holiday version of my wispy wreath. I guess it just goes to show that you can repurpose these great wreaths all year! Not sure yet if I'll make one for spring, but ya never know! You can see my other versions of this wreath, the Autumn Wispy Wreath and Halloween Spooky Wispy Wreath on my Hometalk boards. Here's how this one was made.
Time: 2 Hours Difficulty: Easy
I sprayed the orange berries and the wreath with white primer. Then two coats of white spray paint and spray snow.
Place the berries and pine cone stems around circle of the wreath and add the nest. Lightly spray them and wreath again with the white spray paint, spray snow and glitter.
Add your nest, birds and small foliage. And that's it! Instant Christmas!

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  • Paula
    Paula Hobe Sound, FL
    Going to Michael's today in Stuart and getting supplies! Thanks for sharing. It is just perfect!
  • Connie Wiesniak
    Connie Wiesniak Oxford, CT
    Just spectacular! I'm going to try it. Thanks for sharing.
  • Sherry M.
    Sherry M. Umatilla, FL
    Very pretty!
  • Ginny LeRette
    Ginny LeRette Olathe, KS
    I love this. My father passed away in 2012 and 'red' birds (cardinals) is our sign for him. Just beautiful, I must have one.
  • Kim~ Made in a Day
    Sorry to hear that Jenny, my father passed away this year and Red birds were our sign as well. I made this wreath way before not knowing how many people would respond to to it so well. Thanks for the sweet comment. Kim
    • AnnetteG
      AnnetteG La Puente, CA
      I just lost my mother...this is something she would gave adored.
  • JoAnn Davis
    JoAnn Davis Olive Hill, KY
    Love love love this I will have to find time to do this project....
  • Audra Partin
    Audra Partin Orlando, FL
    Would it work with painting it green and white and red berries?
  • Lisa Edwards
    Lisa Edwards Paragon, IN
  • Lynn Tippin
    Lynn Tippin Burton, MI
    Very pretty
  • AnnetteG
    AnnetteG La Puente, CA
    I never respond to anything! This winter white wreath is pure art! So wispy and not over the top...a museum-store item!
  • Janehill47
    Very pretty indeed
  • Landon Clary Eason
    Landon Clary Eason Park Hills, MO
    I love how this turned out for you, it is really beautiful!!!
  • Ann Brownlee
    Ann Brownlee Fayetteville, GA
    Did you purchase the wreath form, or did you make it yourself. I have looked at two shops and they don't have anything comparable to this form. I am definitely going to try to make this wreath.
  • Kim~ Made in a Day
    Hi Ann, I bought my natural wispy wreath at Michaels. I believe Joann Fabrics and Hobby Lobby Have them as well. Hope this helps. Kim
    • Ann Brownlee
      Ann Brownlee Fayetteville, GA
      Kim~ Made in a Day Thank you Kim. I have checked Hobby Lobby and JoAnns they don't have them here. I am going to try Michaels tomorrow.
    • Ann Brownlee
      Ann Brownlee Fayetteville, GA
      Kim~ Made in a Day I found my wreath form at Michaels. Got all materials, and waiting for a warmer day to do the painting etc. Thank you! I can't wait to get my wispy wreath on my front door!
  • Brande Arno
    Brande Arno Ionia, NY
    Beautiful wreath! Not too busy, yet you want to keep looking at it.
Kim~ Made in a Day