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Organizing Shoes

I love turning clutter and free stuff into actual organizing solutions. Let's organize shoes in about 3 minutes with just 2 supplies: one that you probably already have, and one that is free.
Time: 5 Minutes Cost: $0 Difficulty: Easy
Start with a pile of shoes. Sort and purge them. Put like sizes together and let go of the ones that just don't fit anymore.
Add a rectangular tote, like this one from Thirty-One. I'm betting you already have something like this.
Insert dividers from wine boxes. Free at local wine and liquor stores. Here in PA, the stores are called Fine Wine & Good Spirits. Kinda cracks me up. As if there is any other kind worth selling. Anyway, we're interested in their case dividers today.
These are little girl shoes size ~10. This will certainly work for bigger shoes, but with only one shoe per slot depending on the size. This is a great way to store children's shoes as you pass them down from one kid to the next, or to use for off-season storage.
Go forth and
I hope you found this storage solution helpful and easy to do. To find more easy storage solutions please check out my website http://www.heartworkorg.com. Daily projects in January on Facebook or join our rockin' Clutter-Free group for even more organizing inspiration.

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