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  • Redheadcandecorate.com Lake Orion, MI
    Great find Sherry!
  • Sherry C Portland, OR
    This was a wonderful find Cindy! The condition dictated the finish but we LOVE IT!

    Homa - My husband was driving by when they were putting it out...so LUCKY! Even as he came home with it a neighbor offered

  • Catherine Appleton, WI
    Really nice find! I "found" 3 of very similar chairs at a thrift store for $7.50 each!


  • Sherry C Portland, OR
    I banquette sounds like a fun project...have done anything like that yet. Can't wait to see it...
  • Terri J York, PA
    JEALOUS is what I am! Beautiful find and refurbishing job! Wish my nieghbors would throw stuff like that out!
  • Tami @ Curb Alert! Houston, TX
    Great find and a great job!
  • Jamala W Whitmire, SC
    Its a great thing you got it - I bet you're neighbors would want it back..You did a fantastic job and your dining room looks good
  • Jamala W Whitmire, SC
    That was a great find and you did a fantastic job bringing new life to it..
  • Sherry C Portland, OR
    Thanks Jamala!
  • Nancy G West Roxbury, MA
    Sherry C, WOW! Wish my town didn't have recycling bins any longer! I miss the days of roaming around on trash nights looking for good finds to make over!
  • Donna Dudley, MA
    Awesome find - love the "after!"
  • Carol B Wilton, CT
    Fabulous looking. Great details.
  • Lorraine V Rochester, NY
    wow-wow-wow! great find and great work made a fabulous set!
  • Jean Adams Arlington, TX
    Great job! Your decorating is light and perfectly done.
  • AJ Ogden Floral Park, NY
    Beautiful!! one man's trash is another man's treasure, and you just proved it!