Dining Table and Chairs found curb-side

My husband found this table and chairs for free curb-side and, of course, couldn't pass them up. They were in serious need of some updating but we were up for the challenge.

To see more: http://ponderedprimedperfected.blogspot.com/2011/12/dining-chair-slipcovers.html

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  • Karen Colton
    Karen Colton Grand Blanc, MI
    wow! Really good work I admire that. I got a sewing machine someone was going to throw out it opens 6 feet and it is 59 years old I repaired the machine It is the best one I have ever had It even has cams for decorative stitches I would love to refurnish
  • Cindy
    cindy Azusa, CA
    What is the brand and color of glaze used? Good job by the way.
  • Sj Grossman
    Sj Grossman Louisville, KY
    Hey, Y'all!

    I'm a newbie to this site! Your chairs are the same ones that I inherited with a tired, old brocade on the covered seats.

  • Diana Deiley
    Diana Deiley Nokomis, FL
    Beautiful set. Nice job.
  • KatAych
    KatAych Alameda, CA
    Oh my gosh you're soooo right --- who would just throw this out?? Those chairs...those are money!!! You did a great job - it looks fantastic!
Sherry C