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  • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Now that is fun. Love those filament light bulbs, but they are pricey!
  • GadgetSponge.com Shreveport, LA
    Thanks Douglas! I got these bulbs for $9 at Lowes, but I found that 1000bulbs.com has them for $6. Wish I could buy them in bulb and save more!
  • Miriam I New York, NY
    That is awesome!
  • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    That is a deal. I remember when they were like $30 each.
  • Becky J Troy, IL
    I love this! I was going to try to make a clock with a bicycle rim but chickened out. (as seen on pinterest)
  • Sharron W Memphis, TN
    Really Nice industrial look!
  • Super cool! I love it.
  • Brenda D Fresh Meadows, NY
    It looks great!
  • Lindsay @ Makely Pflugerville, TX
    This is super creative and just up my alley. I totally love it!
  • GadgetSponge.com Shreveport, LA
    Thanks so much everyone for the generous comments. Hometalk posts have always been warmly accepted and I appreciate it!
  • How cool is that! I love it:)