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Repurposed Upcycled Bicycle Rim Pendant Hanging Light

I got my hands on some bicycle parts from a local shop that was discarding them. I jumped into the up"cycling" mindset with this racing rim first and ended using a reproduction Edison filament bulb.
  • repurposed upcycled bicycle rim pendant hanging light, lighting, repurposing upcycling

To see more: http://www.gadgetsponge.com/posts/2012/11/13/repurposed-upcycled-bicycle-rim-pendant-hanging-light.html

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  • GadgetSponge.com
    GadgetSponge.com Shreveport, LA

    Thanks so much everyone for the generous comments. Hometalk posts have always been warmly accepted and I appreciate it!

  • Tina @ Repurposed Life

    How cool is that! I love it:)

  • Cathy
    Cathy Lakeside, CA

    This post lives on 3 years later! My husband saw similar idea on tv show, bought the rim, but needed instructions and couldn't find the right bulb..thx for your help!!

    • GadgetSponge.com
      GadgetSponge.com Shreveport, LA

      @Cathy You bet! It's so fun making lights like this and it will always get folks to talking that come to your home or business and see them.

  • Jill Phillips Murphy
    Jill Phillips Murphy Tallahassee, FL

    Love it! We have 5 0r 6 bike rims hanging in our garage right now!

  • Rocky
    Rocky Ellenboro, NC

    This looks nice i did something similar a while back for my office

    • Rocky
      Rocky Ellenboro, NC

      @Amy Yes i wired the fixture exactly as you would to your existing lighting. Good Luck with your lights!

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