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Snowy Winter Candleholders Made With Epsom Salt

Diy crafts on Jul 17, 2016
These pretty little candleholders are made with empty food jars, Mod Podge, and Epsom salt. They're incredibly easy to make!
  • snowy winter candleholders made with epsom salt, crafts, decoupage
  • snowy winter candleholders made with epsom salt, crafts, decoupage

To see more: http://www.addicted2decorating.com/diy-turn-jars-into-snowy-winter-candleholders.html

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  • SusanS
    SusanS Ocean View, NJ

    Quickly eating taco sauce to obtain a jar.

  • Kristina Keller
    Kristina Keller Moorhead, MN

    ive done this with three small lil votives I have. ne tips on how to keep the Epsom salt from shedding off all over?

    • Cloudrider53
      Cloudrider53 Richmond, VA

      @Kristina Keller I think I would spray them with a clear acrylic. But that would make it pretty permanent.

  • Cloudrider53
    Cloudrider53 Richmond, VA

    Anyone know of a way to color the salt?

  • Charlie Malone
    Charlie Malone Los Angeles, CA

    @Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating These are Beautiful, however you should also add a warning disclosure to these. ANYONE with Diabetes should never ever be around Epson Salt. It can kill them. The fumes and the salt it's self. I have talked with many

  • Cyndi Smedes-Sanchez

    Thinking of using this idea at my wedding reception :) Love it