DIY Super Space Saving Shoe Rack

Got messy shoes in your closet? This SUPER space saving and surprisingly sturdy DIY shoe rack holds more shoes in a small area than most shoe rack you can buy!
Can you guess what it's made of? Hint- We are not only making our homes more organized, we are doing it green and with style!
Time: 2 Hours Cost: $1 Difficulty: Easy
The biggest "Aha!" behind the design of this shoe rack is - we do not need to see BOTH shoes on a shoe rack! They can be placed one behind the other, so we can utilize the depth of a standard closet!
And you do not need special tools, because, here's our material- old cardboard boxes!
Plus a little duct tape! Each module here is a triangular tube, the length and size of the module depends on your shoe size!
Glue or tape each row onto thick cardboard so they stay together.
Stack each row up, slide each pair of shoes in a triangular opening, one in front of the other. I also put an extra piece of thick cardboard on top to put some odd sized boots.

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  • Diann Russano
    Diann Russano Vero Beach, FL
    If you DON'T live in Florida - cannot use cardboard or tape! Roaches will move in over night - they feed off the glue! Great idea but, not for us Floridians!
  • Cheryl
    cheryl Saint Augustine, FL
    Diann, I'm a Floridian and you are right - they like glue and cardboard. Actually, if it's an organic source, they'll eat it. I do not use any boxes for storage in my house (even a shoe box) unless I've spray painted first or covered them with paper or
  • Mandasia
    Mandasia Johnston, RI
    I'm a shopaholic and I can't tell you how many boxes of all sizes are delivered to my door on a weekly basis. I always feel badly about throwing those boxes out, for some reason. I think this is the perfect solution for me, my closet and my shoes.
  • Rinky
    Rinky India
    Excellent idea implemented here with the boxes. But they have to glued well to stick together, moreover how do we clean them?

    I did bought some shoe racks in sale at

  • Dplindley
    It's corrugated not card board as in Kleenex box.