Laundry Room Ladder Drying Rack

Jacque inherited all of her grandfathers antique window washing ladders. They come in various sizes. We decided that our laundry room would be a great place to hang one up to serve as a drying rack for clothes that can't go in the dryer. It works great and hangs high and out of the way.
Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://www.thediyvillage.com/2012/02/laundry-room-reveal-going-vertical.html

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  • Thanks everyone! You would be surprised how many people don't even notice it hanging over their heads!
  • Home Repair Tutor Pittsburgh, PA
    This makes for a really unique towel rack. Thanks for sharing.
  • Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    I saw something similar for a pot rack in the kitchen. Great use of wasted space and repurposing family heirlooms.
  • Sherry Merryman Oceanside, CA
    When we lived in Scotland, there was a drying rack in the kitchen. They have 14 ft ceilings over there. The racks have 5 poles in them that run the long way, like the ladder sides. There is a pulley system that is used to raise and lower the rack. It was
  • Maureen O'Donovan Johnstown, OH
    Very creative! I likey!!!
  • Sherry Merryman I'd love to see a picture of the pulley system you're talking about! Very cool idea!
  • Sherry Merryman Oceanside, CA
    Hi Jacque and Matt: I'm so sorry but I don't have a pic of it. I might be able to get someone who still lives there to send me one if they still have them. I would think most people have dryers now, but you never know. Will send it on if I get one. Happy
  • Jen Wenschhof Fairfield, PA
    Hi Jacque and Matt, I live in China and I think we have a similar pulley thing on our closed balcony for drying clothes. I'll take a picture of it and send it to you soon.
  • Very cool Jen Wenschhof can't wait to see the picture!
  • Sherry Merryman Oceanside, CA
    Looking forward to seeing Jen's pic. Sorry I couldn't get any from Scotland.
  • How great is that! I have crazy high ceilings in my tiny laundry space...this is exactly what I'll do. Maybe not an heirloom ladder but I'll see what I can scope out.
  • Diane Gryka Warren, MI
    I used a similar theme and hung it in the kitchen for a pot rack works great.
  • Marlee Hampshire, IL
    Jacque, laundry room looks grea! Can you tell me how your husband attached the cabinets to the wall? Also did you use the front of the cabinet as the side you attached to the wall? Thanks
  • Juanita North Haven, CT
    I didn't have to use a pulley system because my basement ceiling is low enough for me to reach and in an out of the way corner I use the side railing of a baby crib and it works great.