DIY holiday waterless diorama-style snow globes

Storage 7 days ago
It's easy to make some really cute holiday decor with cleaned out glass jars and some bits and pieces from the dollar store and the craft store.You'll need:Glass jars,tacky white craft glue,faux snow,glitter, mini figurines, mini faux trees and other embellishments of choice.This is a great snowy day craft to do with the family and a great way to recycle that old salsa jar!

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  • Debbie Borthwick
    Lovely, they are so perfect for the season. :)
  • Marg C
    Marg C Middletown, NY
    how cute! I don't have time to do them this year but right after Christmas I may hit the stores and scoop up some miniatures...thanks for this creative idea.
  • Peggy W
    Peggy W Kokomo, IN
    Jenn, where did you come up with the miniature figures? I picked up antique trees from a rummage sale this summer but am still looking for ice skating figures or small deer. I've been making them for my niece for the past few years... we have a whole
  • Jennifer rizzo
    Jennifer rizzo Naperville, IL
    I found mine at the dollar store and at michaels. A hooby shop that does carries things for minature railroaders probably would carry a ton of stuff!
  • Vicki
    Vicki Smyrna, GA
    thank you for the sharing. wonderful xmas gifts. can spray paint lids.
  • RUTH
    RUTH Leander, TX
    I have LOTS of glass jars to be making these for family & friends ... & me too!
  • Angela Gregory
    I love these especially the deer. Where did you get the super white trees? the package in the pic shows the green but I really want the all white ones but haven't seen those around???
  • Jennifer rizzo
    Jennifer rizzo Naperville, IL
    I found mine at Joann fabrics
  • Elaine Spencer
    Elaine Spencer United Kingdom
    These are so pretty Jennifer,this is definitely a to do project,I love this idea ,thanks for sharing x
  • Judy White
    Judy White Anderson, SC
    Hey this one is easy enough for me. Thanks
  • Myra
    Myra Jemison, AL
    Love these.Thanks for sharing. Like to fix some for the front porch for the 4th. Got any ideas?
  • Leona Olson
    Leona Olson Harris, MN
    Great reminder how to do this. I did this way back when with the Cub Scouts. We used baby food jars and little plastic trees, etc and put sparkle in the jars for the snow. I will start looking doe some small pieces. Thanks so much.
  • Deborah G.
    Deborah G. Mansfield, TX
    PERFECT for the office holiday party centerpieces!!! If I get enough made, will use as give a ways too! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
  • Lois
    Lois Rockvale, TN
    Cute, cute, cute! How did you get the snow built up around the base?
    • Gladys
      Gladys Lena, WI
      Lois I was wondering the same thing, but I think I figured out that once everything in the lid is dry, before you put the lid on the jar, pour some of the snow or Epsom Salts into the
  • Lorena Skiba
    Lorena Skiba Saint Johns, MI
    These are SOOO pertty! Thanks for sharing such great ideas!
Jennifer rizzo