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Children's Hand Print Ornament

Ana 11.29.14
I like to make at least one ornament a year that is a keepsake ~ for me now and my kids later. Last year we made these hand print ornaments. #OriginalOrnaments
Time: 5 Minutes Cost: $1.00 Difficulty: Easy
All you need is an ornament {plastic would be better than glass}, some nontoxic paint, and......
the hand of your favorite little person plus maybe one other person to help you ~ kids, paint and little hands can make a mess. Stop by the blog for all the up close and personal details.

To see more: http://cupcakesandcrinoline.com/2012/12/hand-print-heirloom-ornament/#

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  • Mary Beth
    Mary Beth Coraopolis, PA
    Carroll A We did it last year with my niece who was 2 at the time and it took two of us....her mom held her while I put her hand on the ornament!
Mary Beth

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