How to Remove Urine Smell From Carpet

Cleaning Tips 05.17.15
I had an incident where my cat urinated all over my rug while we were out of town. Here is the solution that worked to get the urine smell out. This was a small rug so I was able to remove it from the room and take it outside where I flipped it over and sprinkled it with baking soda. Then using vinegar I saturated the piece of carpet and let it sit for an hour. Find out my results below.

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  • Karilon K
    Karilon K Chapel Hill, NC
    If the cat started pooping in the corner, put a litter box in that spot. That goes for any area in the house where a cat may be urinating or pooping. Even though you don't want a litter box there, do it for awhile to see if you can correct the behavior
    • Lori
      Lori Milwaukee, WI
      Karilon K Unfortunately, I believe this is what CAUSED the behavior. My elderly cat started piddling there to avoid going in the basement to his box because the new arrivals
    • Karilon K
      Karilon K Chapel Hill, NC
      Lori It's very frustrating, I know. I have had to deal with cats marking up different areas in my home too! The new cat is picking up the urine smell in the corner where the old cat
  • Ralph
    Ralph Longs, SC
    try covering the area with table salt , works well on our beige carpet, dries up the urine and removes the stain. just vacuum it up after salt has dried urine.
  • Sharon Curry
    Sharon Curry Visalia, CA
    You can go on and order direct or any Kirby Vacuum distributor should have it.
  • Scott
    Scott Canada Great product for removing odors!
  • Bev
    Bev Downers Grove, IL
    There is a product available at the pet store that eliminates the root cause of the odor. It has an enzyme in it that acts on the urine and neutralizes it. I used it successfully in a basement of a house I purchased where two cats had been having a
  • Carol Harris
    Carol Harris Jonesboro, AR
    Spot Shop work well
  • Christine
    Christine Upper Marlboro, MD
    I really hope you never have any hot humid days in your home. That's like someone putting baby powder on raging B.O. and calling it done. If you don't get the enzymes out of the carpet, they're gonna be there forE.V.E.R.
    • Christine
      Christine Upper Marlboro, MD
      Christine wow. I just realized at this late date that I misspoke! Enzymes eat the PROTEINS!
  • Dawn
    Dawn Beaver Springs, PA
    Just wanted you to know Ann that I tried this and it did work very well

    thanks so much for the tip

  • Naqqarahh
    Naqqarahh United Kingdom
    One of my Russian Blues that I rehomed would insist on pooping next to the tray.I now use a Feliway plug in and he is so much better.Some cats don't cope well when being rehomed and feel insecure.Feliway has cat pheromones in it that makes them feel
  • Sherri Curtis
    Sherri Curtis Menasha, WI
    does anyone have ideas about dog urine stains i shampooed my heart out trying to get them out but once it drys again they are still there
    • Anne Tighe
      Anne Tighe Shippensburg, PA
      Have you tried oxy clean and renting a carpet scrubber? A scrubber with the two brushes on the bottom. It's the only thing I found that will remove the stains I had.
  • Carol Harris
    Carol Harris Jonesboro, AR
    I have tried everything also, the last thing I tried was peroxide and baking soda, make a paste and put it on the stain, let it dry over night, than vacuum, I just did this so I'll have to wait and see how it looks tomorrow after I vacuum.
  • Polly Zieper
    Polly Zieper Fort Lauderdale, FL
    I've used some of the commercial carpet powders that you sprinkle on the carpet, then vacuum, and they work pretty well. I've also sprinkled plain baking soda on the carpet, swept/mopped it in so it gets into the fibers, then vacuum. might take a few times.
  • Ashlie
    Ashlie Oak Harbor, WA
    Vinegar is good if the stain hasn't dried yet, but if it's set in vi gear can make it woRae. This is from a pro. I love Nature a miracle urine destroyer. It works very well, it might just take a few times before the stain is gone with proof of a black
  • Linda Vrieze
    Linda Vrieze Tooele, UT
    Denatured alcohol from home depot or walmart is good for removing all kinds of stains including pet stains from carpeting. Just pour it on the stain and wipe it up with a rag.
  • Becky Greenwald
    I tried Natures Miracle, I tried baking soda, I tried Spot Shot and got marginal results. The thing that worked was hydrogen peroxide. Saturated the area and it reeked until it was done doing its thing and dried. No residue, no smell whatsoever, and
    • Patricia
      Patricia Brentwood, CA
      Thank you! Hopefully it works for us!
Anna M