How To Easily Start Garden And Flower Seeds Indoors On The Cheap!

DIY Gardening 10.19.15

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It's coming. The New Year is just around the corner - and you can save money and get a head start on your garden by growing your plants from seed this year.

I think one of the most rewarding experiences for a home gardener is starting their own seeds indoors. For one, it's an incredibly satisfying feeling to make a tiny seed grow into a beautiful plant for you and your family to enjoy. It also can be a tremendous cash saver - plants can be expensive when purchasing them all at your local greenhouse. Especially if you want to grow specialty or heirloom seeds that are hard to find.We use a low-cost, simple set up to grow our seedlings indoors. It has allowed us to expand our garden and landscape without breaking the bank.Let's start with a few, money saving tips of what you won't need: Heating Mats and Specialty Lights.It's not that heating mats don't work - they do. They help warm the soil and help to germinate seeds. But unless you live in a 40 degree barn...normal room temperatures will work. It make a take a day or two longer to germinate than if you use heating mats - but the seeds will grow just fine.There is also no need to waste big money on high-priced "grow lights" or bulbs with a special light spectrum for raising seedlings. They do have a

  • 4 week old seedlings growing in the house
  • Poinsettia Pepper Plants that we grew from seed now in mid summer form
  • These our our Sangria Pepper plant seedlings at 6 weeks
  • You can grow seedlings for all of your hanging baskets as well like these petunias
  • Our garden and landscape annuals ready to be planted - all of these were grown for under $7
  • Seedling emerging through the soil
  • Our Sangria Pepper plants that we grow from seed

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  • Candye
    Candye Anniston, AL
    Oh.! Lol..I guess I'm color-deaf.!:) Thanks you for your reply. Now I know.!
  • Candye
    Candye Anniston, AL
    Why one red and one blue light.? :)
    • Catherine Smith
      Catherine Smith Fredericksburg, VA
      Candye It's one blue and one white. One is hotter than the other. Together they give the correct amount of heat and light for good growth.
  • Greenisgood
    Greenisgood Beverly Hills, CA
    and now you can grow a pet TickleMe Plant at home that closes its leaves and even lowers its branches when you Tickle it!
  • Sondra
    Sondra Janesville, WI
    My guess is that the RR ties are treated as most are. But they have been sitting around for a while and I heard that will help so whatever they are treated with will be somewhat leached out. That is awesome about your SIL. Its actually pretty amazing
  • Catherine Smith
    Catherine Smith Fredericksburg, VA
    Great info and details as usual. If you must have heat mats, you can use those tiny led Christmas lights which are far less expensive and work just as well. Plus you can put them on a timer. We use shop lights for our seed beds. Got one blue and one
  • Lisa burton
    Lisa burton Lexington, NC
    Thank-You for making it simple for me to understand. I am fixing to try for the first time. Trying to get seed's to grow. It is so expensive to buy alot of flower's. So I thought this year. I would try to start to grow mine from the seed. Wish me luck.
  • Lorena Skiba
    Lorena Skiba Saint Johns, MI
    Thanks for the great tips! I have started deeds in the past, but my cats decided the beans were just too tempting! The tomatoes and peppers never got chewed on, thankfully!
  • Bonnie Huguet
    Bonnie Huguet Crosby, TX
    THANK YOU so much for these tips!! Building new home and cannot wait to start experimenting with starting my on plants and flowers!! So exciting!!!
  • Sondra A
    Sondra A Janesville, WI
    Ugh! It's only January! I love digging around in the yard and can hardly wait. Thank you for these tips. I have been wanting to start plants in the house but never had much room for it since I have 5 children and assorted pets. But now that they are
    • Linda T
      Linda T Stewartstown, PA
      Sondra A Do you know if the RR ties are treated wood? Be careful!
  • Joyce J
    Joyce J Oakland Mills, PA
    Great article. I can't wait to start planting! I do enjoy your posts.
  • Old World Garden Farms
    Thank you Douglas!!
Old World Garden Farms

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