How To Easily Start Garden And Flower Seeds Indoors On The Cheap!

It's coming. The New Year is just around the corner - and you can save money and get a head start on your garden by growing your plants from seed this year.

I think one of the most rewarding experiences for a home gardener is starting their own seeds indoors. For one, it's an incredibly satisfying feeling to make a tiny seed grow into a beautiful plant for you and your family to enjoy. It also can be a tremendous cash saver - plants can be expensive when purchasing them all at your local greenhouse. Especially if you want to grow specialty or heirloom seeds that are hard to find.We use a low-cost, simple set up to grow our seedlings indoors. It has allowed us to expand our garden and landscape without breaking the bank.Let's start with a few, money saving tips of what you won't need: Heating Mats and Specialty Lights.It's not that heating mats don't work - they do. They help warm the soil and help to germinate seeds. But unless you live in a 40 degree barn...normal room temperatures will work. It make a take a day or two longer to germinate than if you use heating mats - but the seeds will grow just fine.There is also no need to waste big money on high-priced "grow lights" or bulbs with a special light spectrum for raising seedlings. They do have a

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  • Greenisgood
    Greenisgood Beverly Hills, CA
    and now you can grow a pet TickleMe Plant at home that closes its leaves and even lowers its branches when you Tickle it!
    • Sandra Warnock
      Sandra Warnock New Zealand
      Greenisgood Hi, I'm in New Zealand and seasons are opposite. I like the sound of the tickleme plant, have never heard of it. Maybe I can buy seeds from the website you have given. Thanks in advance.
  • Candye
    Candye Anniston, AL
    Why one red and one blue light.? :)
  • Candye
    Candye Anniston, AL
    Oh.! Lol..I guess I'm color-deaf.!:) Thanks you for your reply. Now I know.!
  • Suzanne
    Suzanne Lansdale, PA
  • Virginia
    Virginia Syracuse, NY
    Where are you located? Given that we can have snow flurries in April, your timing isnt mine ,but your directions and reasoning is impressive. Wondrring if your blog would be applicable to upstate central New York.
    • Virginia
      Virginia Syracuse, NY
      It's beautiful. Perhaps sping has come. But here or not,I'm just enjoying it

      . Thank you for answering.

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