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A Little Before & After Fun - Annie Sloan Chalk Painted Hutch

Awesome Remodels 12.25.14
This solid, well made, heavy hutch was picked up at my local thrift store for TEN dollars and transformed with a little paint....

To see more: http://www.artsychicksrule.blogspot.com/2012/12/a-little-before-after-fun.html#more

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  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    This is my morning for giggles! I believe EVERY house in America has something like this in it! I know I do. I have a gigantic beautiful buffet and hutch that is old and dark...and the wood is not particularly pretty...OK, OK...I know I bought the darn
  • Beverly G
    Beverly G Greensburg, PA
    some of my best pieces have been done that way
  • Debbi W
    Perfect! Merry christmas and my you be so blessed in 2013, your cup runnith over!
  • Nancy @ ArtsyChicksRule
    Nancy @ ArtsyChicksRule Virginia Beach, VA
    Jeanette S That is too funny! But that is how we like our furniture nowadays right?? My husband knows by now to just smile and say -looks great! ;) And not act surprised when he walks in and I've painted (repainted most likely) something.
  • Nancy @ ArtsyChicksRule
    Nancy @ ArtsyChicksRule Virginia Beach, VA
    Debbi W Thanks! You too :)
  • Bev
    Bev Thermopolis, WY
    That is a gorgeous blue! Can you share the info Please! Thanks
  • Valerie
    Valerie South Africa
    This is SO NICE! Love the blue - what a lucky find!
  • Nancy @ ArtsyChicksRule
    Nancy @ ArtsyChicksRule Virginia Beach, VA
    Thanks :) Valerie !
Nancy @ ArtsyChicksRule

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