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  • Z

    Great tips @Kristin. I've a wicker settee that I need to finish refinishing this Spring. I hadn't heard of the Helmsman Spar Urethane. I'll be sure to get some since this piece will most likely be out side at least part of the year. I'll have to have

  • Tonya Miller Dean
    Tonya Miller Dean Kailua Kona, HI

    Wow I am so happy to have found your post! I was given a beautiful wicker sofa, but it needs some work. I've been very hesitant to begin because I wasn't sure how to seal it. I was even considering passing it on to someone else! Not now!! Your

  • Sherry R
    Sherry R Bedford, TX

    what can be used instead of spray paint? I just need to do the seats as the rocker is wooden. Spray paint will get on my frame I have already finished..good job on yours by the way!!

  • P

    I have painted loads of wicker and I prefer to use a short stubby brush to apply paint out of the can, It gives a better finish and is MUCH friendlier to the environment. You waste so much when you use spray cans not to mention the overspray that

    • Laurie Harry
      Laurie Harry Tucker, GA

      I am so glad to hear someone say a paintbrush works too. Everywhere I look I hear spray paint wicker, but I just really didn't want to do that so I've been putting my projects on hold. I have three wicker chairs to do and now I just might give

  • Mariedmonaco

    Has anyone tried deck paint?

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