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  • Katrina Killeen, TX
    Alot nifty ideals there an we all have some of those items around the house awesome job !!!!!
  • How did I miss this one? I need to get busy drinking the wine!!
  • Mom4Real Lexington, KY
    Homa Style Get to drinking, girl! This is actually one of my favorite things in my home now :)
  • Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    This is beautiful. Looks like a lot of fun nights adding to the collection.
  • Suzanne H Acworth, GA
    Has anyone ever tried using corks as a back splash? I'm really considering it!
    • Mothersyoungest Muskegon, MI
      Suzanne H I saw one on hometalk. I'm posting this link. Hope it takes you straight there.http://www.hometalk.com/1273176/diy-wine-cork-backsplash
  • Suzanne H Acworth, GA
    It would also be great to pin my recipes to as I use them! Perhaps I'll do it one day when the hubby is away playing golf :)
  • I'm on it!!
  • Karin Graham Knoxville, IA
    been saving corks for a long time, good idea, wish they would go back to real cork dont like the plastic, thank you for shareing.
  • Karin Graham Knoxville, IA
    invite me over i will help yuou get into the wine,ha ha
  • Mom4Real Lexington, KY
    Oooh, come on over, Karin Graham ! Bring extra ;)
  • Karin Graham Knoxville, IA
    sounds like fun bud i live in iowa ha ha i guess will have to drink my wine alone at home thank you anyway,
  • Dee Independence, IA
    What a great idea.And to Suzanne Dang girl you will be doing some drinking to get a backsplash done LOL.
  • Deb Hutton Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Mothersyoungest Muskegon, MI
    I wasn't sure what I was saving my corks for. My sister-in-law told me to make a trivet. I really don't need another one of those. But this....this I could use and be proud of.