kitchen 04.13.14

Cleaning Silver

My New Year's clean sweep as usual turned into a week long project where I get in the weeds trying to organize the house for a fresh start. Cleaning up after the holiday parties turned into a complete reorg of every serving piece in the house. I decided to give a try to an idea I'd seen on Pinterest for cleaning silver. I collect yard sale silver plated serving pieces so I was looking for a quick way to shine them up. I lined the sink with foil, added some generous scoops of salt and baking soda and filled the sink with scalding hot water. The chemical reaction resulting from the aluminum, salt and soda removed the tarnish! It actually worked! Lesson learned. Dip the entire piece at once or you'll get a line of demarcation on your piece. I also kept adding hot water and more ingredients because the hotter the water, the quicker it works. Remove the pieces from the solution and buff the remaining spots off with a cotton cloth.
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  • Mary L Mayville, MI
    And to think I just paid $25 for some magic powders and a aluminum plate to put in the sink. Good job!
  • Sue Sullivan Dayton, OH
    Unfortunately, this method has never worked for me and I've tried it multiple times. I use Haverty's Polish to get my silver sparkly and pretty. Maybe I have weird sterling!
  • I can't wait to try this! Thanks for sharing :)
  • Joe Moberly, MO
    find the book haleys hints...
  • Toni Yates Purcellville, VA
    I will be trying this!
  • Sandra Whittier Round Rock, TX
    As a finish very tightly wrap the piece in clear wrap and it's good to go for a couple of years. (I hate to clean silver)
  • Rene Hunter Bolivia, NC
    Works. Great.. I found the more quality. The silver. The better and faster. It works. No smell or harsh chemicals
  • Pat Kukachka Minneapolis, MN
    If you decide to store the pieces in plastic, first wrap it in paper towels or you may get oxidation marks where the plastic touches the silver. If left for a length of time, the plastic can adhere to the silver. Then you may need a polish with
  • Amy Minden Fort Smith, AR
    Oh wow! looking for a great way to clean my silver, and silver plated. I wonder if this works on jewelry?? If anyone has tried it let me know : )
  • Lynn Lawson Calhoun, GA
    Thank you!!!
  • Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    After rereading your post, I know where you went wrong. You need a large metal dishpan to fit on the stove. Line it with Aluminum foil or just lay strips of foil in it. You can even use strips of solid aluminum. The best thing is an aluminum dish pan for
  • Lynn Lawson Calhoun, GA
    I used the idea of soaking in my sink and it worked beautifully on my mom's old silver, that had been in storage in newspaper for 6 yrs. The silverware is sparkling and the design stands out. Thank you again for suggesting this. I was able to do a full
  • Kerry Lang South River, NJ
    I have mine soaking now.....these are old teapots from a friends mother...how long do you leave them in?! I already see clean parts!!!!!! :)
  • Joanna Johnson Australia
    I had no idea I can clean silver with baking soda. Thanks for sharing these great tips. Now this ring I bought a couple of months ago ( http://osirisjewellery.com/wp-content/upload... ) can be perfectly cleaned thanks to your advice. :)