Cleaning Silver

DIY soft scrub 04.28.15
My New Year's clean sweep as usual turned into a week long project where I get in the weeds trying to organize the house for a fresh start. Cleaning up after the holiday parties turned into a complete reorg of every serving piece in the house. I decided to give a try to an idea I'd seen on Pinterest for cleaning silver. I collect yard sale silver plated serving pieces so I was looking for a quick way to shine them up. I lined the sink with foil, added some generous scoops of salt and baking soda and filled the sink with scalding hot water. The chemical reaction resulting from the aluminum, salt and soda removed the tarnish! It actually worked! Lesson learned. Dip the entire piece at once or you'll get a line of demarcation on your piece. I also kept adding hot water and more ingredients because the hotter the water, the quicker it works. Remove the pieces from the solution and buff the remaining spots off with a cotton cloth.
  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    After rereading your post, I know where you went wrong. You need a large metal dishpan to fit on the stove. Line it with Aluminum foil or just lay strips of foil in it. You can even use strips of solid aluminum. The best thing is an aluminum dish pan for
  • Lynn Lawson
    Lynn Lawson Calhoun, GA
    I used the idea of soaking in my sink and it worked beautifully on my mom's old silver, that had been in storage in newspaper for 6 yrs. The silverware is sparkling and the design stands out. Thank you again for suggesting this. I was able to do a full
  • Kerry Lang
    Kerry Lang South River, NJ
    I have mine soaking now.....these are old teapots from a friends long do you leave them in?! I already see clean parts!!!!!! :)
  • Joanna Johnson
    Joanna Johnson Australia
    I had no idea I can clean silver with baking soda. Thanks for sharing these great tips. Now this ring I bought a couple of months ago ( ) can be perfectly cleaned thanks to your advice. :)
  • Margaret
    Margaret Arroyo Grande, CA
    Beware the plastic wrap! I bought a set of gold flatware at an antique store that I polished and wrapped in plastic years ago. The plastic ended up bonding with the silverware and I tried everything I could think of to get it off. Scraping with my
    • Jean Ann Henry
      Jean Ann Henry Sterling, AK
      Margaret Try using peanut butter of all things. I bought a plastic water server & couldn't get the gooey sticky (from clear factory tape) off the plastic without marring
    • Margaret
      Margaret Arroyo Grande, CA
      Jean Ann Henry Thank you!
  • Becky Powell
    Becky Powell Charleston, MO
    will this work on jewelry?
  • Alex Thompson
    LOVE this! ! was dreading cleaning all my silver pieces. I remember my Mom doing this years ago and it took forever with Silvo cleaner!
  • Monika Demel
    Didn't you rinse the pieces after you removed them from the solution first...before buffing them ???
  • Sherry Wade
    Sherry Wade Hopkinsville, KY
    This may be a quick solution, but it can pit your silver.
  • Chrystine Dimitry
    Chrystine Dimitry Oakland, OR
    I'd forgotten about this .. thanks for reminding me!
  • Starr Durrant
  • Joseth Scott
    Joseth Scott Hinesville, GA
    Wow, who woulda thunkit! I inherited my m.i.l silver 36 yrs ago & they haven't been cleaned since:( this is an easy way to give it a shot. Thanks so much for sharing.
  • Nancy Nadin
    Nancy Nadin Northfield, OH
    I do believe that this method will eliminate any black "shadings" on silver pieces that are there for giving the piece depth...or maybe that's the foil and Tide laundry powder method!!!
  • Barbara Enright
    Barbara Enright Des Plaines, IL
    Wonder if I could use this idea on my tarnished copper molds
  • Kimberly Sims
    Kimberly Sims Harvest, AL
    A little water and a product called tarnish remover ever! No work
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