Bathroom 2 days ago

DIY Ruffle SHower Curtain

We are in the middle of a bathroom remodel, and I can not wait to show you the before and afters! For now this is the shower curtain that I made! There are 20 rows of ruffles, starting with black, 5 shades of grey, (50 was too many!) and then the top is white! It was a lot of work, but I love the result! I used a combination of fabirc and flat sheets! I am really glad I have a ruffler foot!
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  • Beautiful! Can't wait to see more pictures!!
  • ADORE!
  • Miriam I ....a ruffler foot is a foot that goes on your sewing machine that gathers the fabric as you sew....and then it gets sewn together. Makes a lot easier work of making ruffles.
  • If there is anything better than ruffles (potato chips included) I don't know what it would be. This is absolutely stunning!
  • Jan O Clancy, MT
    I love it! Can I use that idea on my shabby shiv bathroom?
  • This is so beautiful!!
  • Becky Blair, NE
    Jan Bay. Maybe one thing. Chocolate. Dark Chocolate. 8^D
  • Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    Little Missy L, what an absolutely stunning, adorable, sweet idea! Love, love, love. I love your color choice, but I am sitting here imaging the various color graduations....humm...And this "design" would work on so many other projects....Thanks for sharing!
  • Missy L Duluth, MN
    Thank you everyone!
  • Sue @ Housekaboodle Warrenville, IL
    It's just so lovely, unique, and the color combination is great.
  • Milk chocolate doesn't go to waste around our house either, Becky!
  • Tammy Horner Pataskala, OH
    I so need a ruffle foot
  • Ruth Masters Saginaw, MI
    The first thing on my list will be to purchase a ruffle foot for my sewing machine! I am going to make one of these in shades of pinks up to a soft white. Very girlie. just the way I like it. Thanks for sharing!
  • Kat =^.^= Boulder City, NV
    You are such a talent! love this!!!
  • Sandy Angel Richmond, MI
    Awesome, fabulous, wonderful, gorgeous job!