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Clock Makeover

This clock is very special to our family. Some may say painting it ruined it's charm, but for me, it brought it back to life, and now I display it center stage. Before, it looked like an old clock that no one noticed, but now you can see all of the beautiful details that you couldn't see before. See how here: http://redheadcandecorate.com/4/post/2013/01/clock-makeover.html
  • clock makeover, home decor

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  • Eclectically Vintage - Kelly

    Painting clocks is all the rage - I've seen amazing cuckoo clocks painted such fun vibrants colors - love your version @Redheadcandecorate.com !!!!

  • Redheadcandecorate.com
    Redheadcandecorate.com Lake Orion, MI

    Love cuckoo clocks! Now that would be cool :)

  • Sherry C
    Sherry C Portland, OR

    I would not have noticed the clock if I'd seen it in it's natural wood but the painted clock is so pretty and fresh. I agree Julie, some things have more "value" because of their history and the love and effort put into them. It's not always about

  • Redheadcandecorate.com
    Redheadcandecorate.com Lake Orion, MI

    Thanks Sherry!

  • Jean Myles
    Jean Myles Canada

    I love what you did, but just cant bring myself to paint my hand me down family clocks maybe someday . Ty for sharing your story and project.

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