Cleaning Your HE Washer with Household Products

I did an experiment and it worked! No more expensive tablets to clean our HE washing machine! Visit our blog to see what I'm using only cost pennies using the household products!
  • I'm sold on the household products, no more wasting money for us!
  • Before cleaning and after. WOW!

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  • Jody Schlecht
    Jody Schlecht Billings, MT
    thank you for this post I too have smelly towels and sometimes my clothes it is nasty and I get embarrassed to be around people!!
    • Tasha
      Tasha Nampa, ID
      Jody Schlecht Clean the filter. If you have lint/animal hair it will hold the smell. It won't matter how many times you clean the washer.
  • Clover House, DeeDee
    Aaahh thank you Betty Colbert, this is very good to know! :)
  • Betty Colbert
    Betty Colbert Oak Hill, FL
    The dry cleaner I use told me they use white vinegar in the rinse cycle to remove any soap residue. The soap residue causes the clothes to scorch when you iron them.
  • Becky
    Becky Blair, NE
    It seems far fetched to me too Dee. It's been used by housewives for decades and this is the first I ever heard of it being harmful.
  • Clover House, DeeDee
    Hi Becky! That's news to me too. I've always used vinegar to freshen my loads of towels and I've not had any problems so far. Thanks for the heads up though! :)
  • Becky
    Becky Blair, NE
    Funny you mention the rubber seals Dee because I did a search on cleaning with vinegar for someone on another thread and found a link to a conversation on the Garden Web about a
  • Clover House, DeeDee
    Maria Hmmm? I would maybe try straight vinegar or bleach. Be careful using too much bleach too often though because I've read it tends to deteriorate the rubber seals. Good Luck girlie! :)
  • Maria
    Maria Largo, FL
    My washer will not take powder it is and HE washer also but it says no powder? What shall I do?
  • Sharon
    Sharon Knoxville, TN
    I will. The Tide doesn't clump on me but I am so excited about your method. I am heading to Sam's Wholesale club to buy lots of vinegar and baking soda tomorrow. Seems those two products work on everything! Green and cheap is always the better way to
  • Clover House, DeeDee
    Hi Sharon ! I've tried those Tide packets and they just clump up in my dispensing drawer, but yes they are cheaper! Let us know how it works for you! :)
  • Sharon
    Sharon Knoxville, TN
    I use the Tide washer cleaner. You can find it in the laundry aisle, usually on the top shelf with the Tide products. It is not as expensive as the tablets and works well, although I am definitely going to try the vinegar and baking soda. Thank you so
  • Clover House, DeeDee
    Hi Chris J! I would think that it would work perfectly fine for your top loader as well. You may want to try a hot water cycle with bleach and see if that does the trick first. Becky
  • Becky
    Becky Blair, NE
    Chris J, do you leave the door open after every wash? I found that's a must with an HE washer.
  • Chris J
    Chris J Grand Rapids, MI
    I have a top loading HE Maytag. Do you think the vinegar and baking soda would so the same thing? I used the sample of Afresh that came with the washer, and I couldn't tell any difference in the smell of the washer or in how the machine looked. The
  • Terryspansy
    terryspansy Milton, FL
    Thanks DeeDee
Clover House, DeeDee

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