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  • Michelle Sellers San Diego, CA
    Vinegar and baking soda make a corrosive like oven cleaner you just apply it differently than making a paste. Set in the sink Sprinkle the baking soda over the spider (I'd wet it first so the powder sticks) then pour the vinegar over it and it will start
  • Yup I agree Michelle sellers. I use it for many things around my home.
  • Mimi Big Bear Lake, CA
    To clean the stove top burners, I always use oven cleaner ( outside) Or you can use ammonia in a heavy duty black trash bag and put the burners in the bag and add ammonia approx. 1-2 cup or so. Tie end and point up so ammonia won't leak out. Then allow
  • Toni Pardoe Ellsworth Spanish Fork, UT
    DAWN makes a cleaner that is made for cleaning off really burnt on stuff. I haven't used it on many things it didn't clean.
  • Penster47 Verona, MO
    I put my "spiders" from my gas stove in my dishwasher when I run a load. Once you get them really clean, then do them once a week or so and they will never get caked up with grease again. If they have gotten really caked before, then you might have to
  • I make my own scrubbing cleaner using borax, Murphys oil soap and lemon juice. No set quantities just put the borax in a plastic bowl and Murphys a little a time to make a paste, then add a little lemon juice. I used it everything from a stove top,
  • At The Picket Fence Florence, KY
    Totally doing this Mary Beth! :-) ~Vanessa
  • Mary Beth Coraopolis, PA
    You'll love it, At The Picket Fence :)
  • Sierra Lewistown, PA
    that may work for you, but i would highly recommend not mixing your baking soda and vinegar. science says that that completely destroys the properties of both ingredients. baking soda + vinegar = water. i have used NOTHING but baking soda, vinegar, and
  • Alison Brown United Kingdom
    I did this a few years ago and it took all the enamel paint off the front of the cooker, now just looks old and rusty.
  • D P Grand Rapids, MI
    is there a solution for mineral deposits and mold in the shower? Poor ventilation is a big part of the problem
  • Mary Beth Coraopolis, PA
    Hi, D P ~ I have a post about what I use for mineral deposits http://www.hometalk.com/659849/get-rid-of-li...
  • Jody Huntsman Anderson, IN
    I use dish soap and Vinegar for almost everything. I have not tried with baking soda, The one I use is a miracle cleaner!!! Excited about trying with baking soda!
  • Kathy Milam Richlands, NC
    Sierra is correct, After baking soda and vinegar have their initial chemical reaction, they neutralize each other and turn to water. I've been make all natural, organic, cleaners for 3 years now
  • Stephanie Griffith Roswell, NM
    I use to use this mixture, then realized that baking soda and water alone works just as well. Better actually, IMO. I posted it on here - "The $1 Stove Cleaner."