From Traditional to Modern: Master Bedroom Furniture Makeover

Why spend the money on new bedroom furniture when you can simply transform your current set with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware!

I removed the old hardware and completely sanded the nightstand, dresser and mirror. For the paint I chose Valspar flat black. I used a small foam roller to paint the large surfaces and a brush for the detailed areas. Be careful with the paint job until it fully cures so you won't get any knicks or scratches (about 7 days).

Entire makeover cost around $50 for paint and supplies, then another $50 for the hardware.

Makeover was completed about a year and a half ago and still looks great!

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  • Marcy
    Marcy Southfield, MI
    wow, that's an awesome transformation
  • Lucy
    Lucy Chile
    Wow it really looks like new
  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    Wow! Who would have guessed this was the same piece. Great Job!!!!
  • Janice W
    Janice W Manchester, TN
    Great new look.
  • Peggy B
    Peggy B North Easton, MA
    what do you do if the hardware holes are a different from the new hardware as far as size? any ideas?
  • How to Nest for Less - Erin
    How to Nest for Less - Er... Lake Saint Louis, MO
    You can fill in the holes with wood putty and sand down. Then drill new holes. I've done this technique with plenty of furniture makeovers! You can't tell at all where the previous holes were.
  • Mary B
    Mary B Thorofare, NJ
    Simply beautiful!!!!
  • Wanda sinnema
    Wanda sinnema Seattle, WA
    great new look,,,the grey in the last pic....primer? I'd love to know the paint you used.. redo's of some furnature isnext on my "to do" retirement list,,
  • Susan Hogan
    Susan Hogan Secaucus, NJ
    Lovely re-do. I would have cut the metal scroll work off and added a piece of molding to give it a more modern look.
  • Jennifer G
    Jennifer G Clifton, CO
    I never would have guessed that those are the same pieces! HUGE DIFFERENCE! Great job!
  • Marion Nesbitt
    Like it.
  • Cwatthepark
    cwatthepark Salem, OR
    Wow! So very pretty! I have been thinking doing this exact thing to my bedrooom pieces. Now, thanks to you, I KNOW I'm going to do it. Great job! And thank you for the inspiration.
  • Lesley
    Lesley Beckley, WV
    I'm inspired!!
  • Jlender14
    jlender14 Seminole, FL
    Great job and very pretty!
  • Cheryl
    cheryl Saint Augustine, FL
    Great job! I agree with Susan Hogan if you really want it updated. The ironwork on the top of the mirror keeps it from looking modern since it's from a different period. Otherwise, I think it's a great re-do and looks so much better.
  • Dee Lynch
    Dee Lynch Saint Charles, MO
    Great Job!!!
How to Nest for Less - Erin