• Parsnippidy Moments
    Parsnippidy Moments Danville, VA
    This is a very good idea for an old crib panel. Love the idea
  • Steve G
    Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    What a great idea. And there are plenty of curbside cribs, as nobody is allowed to resell old dropside cribs anymore.
  • Tina @ Repurposed Life
    Great way to re-purpose and old crib panel!!
  • Katrina
    Katrina Killeen, TX
    Recycle is best way to make projects awesome job !!!!!
  • Lori P
    Lori P Waynesburg, PA
    cool idea..I'm gonna do this !!!!!
  • LaDonna Kinney
    LaDonna Kinney Seminole, FL
    Great idea, but where do you get the chalkboard that fits
  • Julie Keck
    Julie Keck East Amherst, NY
    LaDonna, you use the panel already on the crib side and paint it with chalkboard paint and turn it into a chalkboard :)
  • Creating a Life
    Creating a Life Diamond Bar, CA
    What Julie said : ) LaDonna, because it was old and a bit weathered, the pieces actually came apart very easily. I disassembled it and spray painted the center panel (both sides) with chalkboard paint. Lightly sanded the outer "frame" pieces and painted
  • Creating a Life
    Creating a Life Diamond Bar, CA
    I'll post a "before" photo.
  • Jo prentice
    Jo prentice Australia
    What a cool idea :-Dx Jo'
  • Janice Ruiz
    Janice Ruiz Avon, IN
    what a cute recycling idea
  • Kim I
    Kim I Moberly, MO
    i made a gate out of one for my girls room so they couldn't sneek out when everyone was alseep. it has sheep on it and they love it.
  • Creating a Life
    Creating a Life Diamond Bar, CA
    Great idea, Kim!
  • Linda Jowers
    Exactly what I have tried to describe to my husband that I want to do with our 39 year old daughter's bed still hanging in in our attic overhang. We used one of the rail sides to hang special new & special old baby blankets on. Just got two hooks from
Creating a Life