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  • Miriam I New York, NY
    Such a clever idea, Kristin!
  • Sharon Kettelhut Round Rock, TX
    I did this in the master bedroom in our condo. The breaker box for the unit does not protrude all that much, but the gray door is aesthically unappealing (to say the least) and painting it is not really practical because of the latching mechanism.
  • Jeanne J East Bend, NC
    I work for a Heat & Air Company - as ugly as a thermostat may be, it will not function properly if covered as in the above photos. Thermostats read the air tempeature around them, which is how your heat/air operates to a certain temperature. If you cover
    • Linda J. B Toms River, NJ
      Jeanne J Thanks so much for answering the question I was going to ask!!! I hate the heater/ac thermostat in my living room but I can see from your posting that I'd better learn to live with it!! Thanks again!
  • Linda B Laurel, DE
    Thanks Jeanne for the tip.
  • Belinda W Melrose, FL
    I did this with my security system panel, cutting the back out of a vintage wooden cigar box and mounting it over the panel. It worked like a charm, and vintage cigar boxes was already an integral part of my decorating scheme. Nice idea to cover
  • Suzanne Smith Grayslake, IL
    Jeanne J: Except that this is a garage door opener and not a thermostat.
  • Kristin San Marcos, CA
    Great point Jeanne, this is for our garage door opener which we don't use though.
  • Sia@South 47th Sacramento, CA
    We did this for our breaker box as well. Ugly turned charming in no time.
  • Jeanne J East Bend, NC
    Great idea to make the ugly beautiful, had a friend on FB say they were doing their thermostat, just wanted to point out it would hurt and not help. Also, take care when covering any electronic devices - most all give off some heat and need to breathe -
  • STEPHANIE Fort Belvoir, VA
    Love this idea! Actually, I have that exact frame (I worked for CBK as a sales rep)! Will definitely have to try this out!
  • Diana Dray Harrod, OH
    Looks good! Great idea!
  • Velma Sanso Sherman, TX
    might try this for our breaker box as we need to hide it since we enlarged a laundry room
  • Velma Sanso Sherman, TX
    great job by the way and a great idea .
  • Karen Stutts Thompsontown, PA
    Love this Kristin!!! I've been trying to think of a way to hide the drain knobs in the wall behind my washing machine. I think you've helped me find a solution. Perfect!