How to hide a protruding object

craft 7 days ago
Step by step directions using a old frame and hardware to conceal a protruding object on the wall. (We converted part of our garage into a office/mudroom so we decided to hide the garage door opener since we don't use it)
  • When you hit the crystal knob the black thing in the back pushes on the garage door opener!
  • Find a old frame
  • Built the back of the frame out with scrap wood
  • Add a hindge
  • Spraypaint
  • Voila!

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  • Stephanie
    Stephanie Harlem, GA
    Love this idea! Actually, I have that exact frame (I worked for CBK as a sales rep)! Will definitely have to try this out!
  • Diana Dray
    Diana Dray Harrod, OH
    Looks good! Great idea!
  • Velma Sanso
    Velma Sanso Sherman, TX
    might try this for our breaker box as we need to hide it since we enlarged a laundry room
  • Velma Sanso
    Velma Sanso Sherman, TX
    great job by the way and a great idea .
  • Karen Stutts
    Karen Stutts Thompsontown, PA
    Love this Kristin!!! I've been trying to think of a way to hide the drain knobs in the wall behind my washing machine. I think you've helped me find a solution. Perfect!

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