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Need Some Inspiration For Revving Up Your Arbor Or Pergola This Spring? We Think This Will Help!

Littlefield Landscaping, LLC designed and installed the patio, arbor, plantings and post lights for this project. Clematis "Montana Rubens" growing up the posts.
  • need some inspiration for revving up your arbor or pergola this spring we think, gardening, outdoor living

Got a question about this project?

  • Littlefield Landscaping, LLC

    Thanks, Douglas I appreciate you answering this question. I would have struggled with it as I'm just not familiar at all what would do well in Florida. Big difference from the Northwest Region.

  • Deb B
    Deb B Elsie, NE

    that is really pretty

  • Arlene B
    Arlene B Anchorage, AK

    What about Anchorage, Alaska? I know clematis do well here, would this be an exception. I can do zones 3-5. Thanks!

  • Anna Lee
    Anna Lee Topsham, ME

    Clematis is that what you have growing, how many years in the making

  • Janet F
    Janet F Lodi, CA

    Gorgeous! We had a new paver patio and pergola installed last year. I'd love it to look like this but I also don't want to attract too many bees to an area we want to enjoy sitting in! Not sure clematis grows here in the Central Valley of CA either.

    • Donna W
      Donna W Newton, NC

      My honey bees get curious about me when I'm outside and will hover in front of my face, looking at me. but then they just fly on. All they want to do is gather nectar and pollen, not sting. Never swat at bees. It like firing the first shot. They will

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