If you want to make your kitchen look larger then paint both rooms the same color.

It will give the "feeling" that the rooms are larger than they really are. The brighter red color is beautiful but gives the illusion that the rooms are totally separate.
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  • Imagery Littleton, CO
    Nice tip, I can see how this will keep your eye from dividing the spaces into two separate rooms...Very clever!!
  • Great example Jan - posting pics really helps others to see the difference
  • Jan Britt Interiors Marietta, GA
    Thank you! I appreciate your kind comments!
  • KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    The before shot...is a bit "closer" ie: camera zoomed in...this adds to the affect.. Ideally before and afters should be shot from the same place with the same focal length. I'm sure the visuals are more realistic in person.
  • Nice example. . . and what an improvement!
  • Jan Britt Interiors Marietta, GA
    Thank you all for your thoughtful comments!
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    Lois V