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Has anyone had Home Depot reface their kitchen cabinets?

I've had a quote from Home Depot that seems terribly high - $14,000.00 - workmanship guaranteed for 5 years. I selected cherry wood doors & drawers with an amber glaze. Their price makes me wonder what a whole brand new kitchen would cost. My kitchen is approx. 10ft x 12.5 ft.
My deadline to recind the contract is Tuesday 10/4/11 so please answer/advise asap.
Thanks - Laine
  • HandyANDY - Handyman & All Repairs, LLC

    Sure they can remove the granite without breaking it....we've done it before....especially if you have the thicker 3cm slabs.....word to wise on granite is to always go thicker unless you're installing on a small bath vanity.
    I'm with

  • Lamont C
    Lamont C Mableton, GA

    thanks ever one!! Now I don't have to sit for 2 hr. just to say no thanks.

  • Malcom gonzalez
    Malcom gonzalez Lilburn, GA

    lol this people are funny. is impossible to compare jobs. u can only conpare what u getting and what's important to u. if I don't have to have inshurence ,background test ,drug test. then yes I'll be cheaper with some one that does not offer that.

  • Asteppke
    Asteppke Milwaukee, WI

    I've scheduled an appointment with Home Depot. I expect that the cost is cheaper than replacing all my cabinets. If not, then something is wrong with their pricing as refacing is meant to save $$$. We'll see how it goes

  • Gladysngarcia
    Gladysngarcia Winter Park, FL

    Home Depot gave me a quote for refacing my 26 linier kitchen of $7,800. Please let me know your experience if you had this done in your kitchen. I feel that I can have a complete new kitchen for less. Please share your experience with me.