Coffee Stations from Re-Purposed Dressers

ideas 05.05.16
A big part of why I created Gypsy Barn was to find creative and inventive ways to keep things from going to the landfill or burn sites, when they are still useable in some way shape or form. Old dressers have such beautiful wood and shapes and designs, I hated seeing them sent off to the dump. Even using the wood for signs, coat hooks, shelves, whatever, they are still useable. A year and a half ago I made the first coffee station, and now, I am getting requests non stop for them!

Inspiration - I sat looking at an old dresser one day, and thought, there has to be SOMETHING to use this for, even without the drawers ... and walking through a furniture store, I started paying more attention to sofa tables and entertainment units. There is a lot of wood, and a lot of empty space going on there. Just like the dressers! Hmmmmmm. Then, we got a keurig. Cups were in the cupboard, little coffee pucks were on the counter, sugar in the pantry, spoons in a drawer at the other end of the counter ...... Why not create a space for it all. Voila - Coffee station. Everything in one little place. Hidden away, neat and clean.

Keeping in line with the "keep the landfills empty" we bought the K-cup and use our own coffee. All those empty coffee pucks getting

Difficulty: Moderate

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  • B. J. Newton
    B. J. Newton Edmond, OK
    fabulous project! would also make a wonderful bar station or small island for a kitchen...
  • Pam Pichowicz Literski
    I have seen this done at a bed and breakfast we stayed at!! Loved it then and loved your fresh ideas now!
  • MacGIRLver
    MacGIRLver Canada
    You do beautiful work, keep saving these treasures from the landfill!
  • Kris~ Rechic Unique-Handmadeology.101
    "Re-purpose? Yes, please! adorable."
  • Terra Gazelle
    Terra Gazelle Springfield, LA
    I turned a large entertainment armoire into a coffee station. It has three large sturdy drawers on the bottom and doors that slide back inside. It gives me plenty of space for my Bunn and my single cup Keurig and all the pods and supplies...and space for