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Q: My house has aluminum siding. It is really worn and faded. Can aluminum siding be painted or should I think about replacing it?

A: This is a GREAT home repair question. No need to replace it. You can paint your aluminum siding. Aluminum will last forever. Paint left on any surface will oxidize over time.You just don't see it on wood because the paint peels before it oxidizes. The cure for the siding is to power wash the oxidized paint off as much as possible.Sometimes brushing it off as well. Then simply paint two coats then you are good for another 25 years. I recommend a satin finish to restore the metallic look.

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  • Dennis
    Dennis Hesperia, MI
    can you tell me if it is best or necessary to use an aluminum base paint.
  • Mary M. Prinzavalli
    Mary M. Prinzavalli Saint Louis, MO
    We purchased a home that had faded blue aluminum siding and we went to Sherwin Williams and asked them for a paint that would be good for that kind of siding. I wish I could remember what kind it was but we lived there for 12 years and it was still in
  • Dennis
    Dennis Hesperia, MI
    I did a lot of checking around. the best advice I got was from a contractor who has been painting for 25 years .He uses a good latex paint after power washing.I did it that way and it looks great. some friends of ours said that there Brother did the same
  • Correy.smith321
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  • Sue Miller
    Sue Miller Grand Rapids, MI
    I had my aluminum sided home painted about 10 years ago. Still looks as good as when they first painted it and no problems at all. The people that painted it spent more time cleaning it than they did painting it and I firmly believe that makes the difference
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