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  • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Great find, Julia. You took something that looked dated and made it look up-to-date.
  • Becky Blair, NE
    Wow Julia, you certainly hit gold on this one. No pun intended. I No one would ever guess you got it for just $35.00.
  • Julia @ Cuckoo4Design Northampton, PA
    Thank you Becky and Douglas.
  • Kay Adams Gainesville, GA
    very cool. What did you use, just paint??
  • Julia @ Cuckoo4Design Northampton, PA
    Primer and Rub N Buff
  • Jamala W Whitmire, SC
    Nice!!! did you frost the glass shelves.. ?
  • Jan M Noble, OK
    very nice!
  • Storywood Designs Raleigh, NC
    Love it Julia! I am trying to figure out a way to dull my shiny brass faucets and I'm wondering if one of your methods might work. Thanks for sharing!
  • At The Picket Fence Florence, KY
    Fantastic!! Everyone remembers those and it is so nice to see someone show how to transform it into a modern piece. Well done! ~Vanessa
  • tres cool!
  • Julia @ Cuckoo4Design Northampton, PA
    Thank you everyone! And Storywood Designs, I've read on my RubNBuff research that when you use that stuff in a humid environment, that you have to seal it so it doesn't oxidize. I'd love to see what you come up with.