Easy Method for Hanging Pictures!

Decor Ideas 12.10.14
Here's an easy method for hanging pictures, mirrors or any of those things that have 2 holes or hooks on the back. Those are so hard to hang straight and even. Step by step at my blog for all the tips using tape!

To see more: http://southernhospitalityblog.com/easy-method-for-hanging-pictures-on-the-wal/

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  • Steve G
    Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    Nice. You are full of great ideas, Rhoda.
  • Tameca Carter
    Tameca Carter Clinton, MD
    I'm going to start using this method from now on... Wow!
  • Susan
    Susan Gainesville, GA
    Another useful hint...thanks Rhoda!

  • Jen R
    Jen R Lansing, MI
    This couldn't be more timely for me....I'm getting ready to hang a series and this tip will come in very handy!! Thanks for sharing.
  • Bev @ The Make Your Own Zone
    Will definitely be remembering this tip. The step by step instructions on your blog were very helpful.
Rhoda V