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DIY Stenciled Pallet Wood Floor / Doormat

It’s such a happy moment every time our bare feet touch the stenciled pallet wood floor. Everyone can use a pretty stenciled wood doormat, and making your own stencil is so easy and so fun! (I also have free template of the stencils you see here at the end for you to download)
This is one of our favorite ways to take apart pallets. There's a link to more about it at the bottom.
You can make them any size. Here's an example. After disassembling the pallet, cut the wood to size. Sand each piece a little, and assemble using a nail gun, or a hammer and nails.
To mimic tropical hardwood, I made my stain with diluted acrylic paint. Store bought stain will work too.
It’s easy to cut stencil film with an X-acto knife. While you paint, a little smudge here and there is fine. Have a damp towel handy so you can wipe off any mistakes, or leave them for their unique beauty!
Ready to jump in? The free template can be downloaded at the link below!

To see more: http://www.apieceofrainbow.com/diy-stenciled-pallet-floor/

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