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  • Dcz665 Highland Park, IL
    nice project. A print on the inside of the cabinet doors would make it look nice opened or closed.
  • Llalla Lara Woodsboro, TX
    Love this idea for my garage. Close it up when not in use. Great idea!
  • That was my thought too - have it finished on both sides. Especially when it's open more than its closed - at least at my house! Great idea!
  • Kathy Ehrhart Nelson Longmont, CO
    I did that about 6 years ago when we got our first flat screen and before there was a website to post about it!
  • Beckie Taylor Hampstead, MD
    The best idea I've seen in forever. I hate the look of a TV...it ruins any decor unless it's in a den or an entertainment center.
  • Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    We were going to go that route but decided to frame it to match the entertainment center below it. Our TV is the focal point in the livingroom. He didn't want it hidden so we flaunted it.
  • Kelly S Bremerton, WA
    I much prefer your method of concealment. It's beautiful.
  • Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
  • Lifetime Services, LLC Orange Park, FL
    Awesome idea!!
  • Kathie taylor Largo, FL
    WONDERFUL idea! My question is this...did you do the paintings? They are really pretty and go together so nicely!!!!
  • Cindy O'Mary Roper Valparaiso, IN
    I love this idea. It's my favorite on here. Hoping to do the same here. It looks so simple.
  • Rose Mahopac, NY
  • Leida R Tampa, FL
    Neatness!!! Love it!
  • Angelle G Cumming, GA
    Perfect!! We've been wanting to build something to put a tv outside on our porch so we can leave it there. We'd have to add a top, but I think this would work. :) Thanks!!
  • Shizzle Canton, OH