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DIY Air Freshener

My kids tease me about my sense of smell. They say I am hypersensitive in this area. I will tell them to take out the trash because it reeks and they tell me they don't smell anything! Ditto for cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, rinsing out dishrags. As I type this I am stringing things together and getting the feeling they have a selective sense of smell to go with selective hearing. Teenagers! Have you ever had a phantom smell in your house? Come on, admit it, I won't tell. You know what I mean. It is when you can smell something is funky somewhere in the house, but you can't find it. That is when you need me for a friend. I can find it.
Time: 5 Minutes Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://www.madefrompinterest.net/2013/01/07/homemade-air-freshener/

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  • Karen Burdette Dady
    Karen Burdette Dady Zanesville, OH

    This is so funny! My husband & teen say the exact thing to me. My husband says the FBI could use me to be their super sniffer. Ha-ha!!

    • Suz
      Suz Oklahoma City, OK

      @Karen Burdette Dady ...Karen we must of taken the same 101 course and our families much have the same genes on not being able to smell--lol.

  • Elizabeth Coe
    Elizabeth Coe Talladega, AL

    thanks going to do this and even make some for family... they would love it!!!

  • Made From Pinterest
    Made From Pinterest El Dorado Hills, CA

    Karen, good to meet another super sniffer. We would make a great FBI team.
    Elizabeth, I just refreshed mine the other day. Glad you like the idea. I think you family will enjoy it.

  • Suz
    Suz Oklahoma City, OK

    ...nice for you to leave a "smell" Thanks!!

  • Abaird
    Abaird Braselton, GA

    My teenage grandson says I have a nose like a hound! I love nice fragrances in my home.

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